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October 27, 2015

3 Tips Only We Can Give You for Inbound 2015

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Lucky you! You're going to attend one of the most fast-paced and energetic marketing and inbound conferences out there - Inbound 2015. Although it can be really exciting, we know it can also be a bit overwhelming. You want to hear every speaker, attend every session and soak up all the information that you can, but you also want to enjoy yourself and enjoy Boston. Here are a few tips that we can give you so you can successfully enjoy your 4-day trip to Beantown.


  1. Take a Notebook. Yes, we are digital marketers and, yes, we rarely use paper. But if there is a time for paper, it's at Inbound 2015. Yes, they have chargers available everywhere, but you will spend so much time in their event app and on social media that it is likely your devices will die. You don't want to miss any of the valuable information, so it's always important to have a backup. Another reason? It makes you focus on what's being said during a presentation and helps you to remember it more (there is science behind this!). When you get back, take some time to download and reflect by typing up your hard copy notes and sharing them with others. I promise you will read over your notes and discover something you learned, forgot, but then were excited to hear again.


  1. Bring two portable chargers! Like I mentioned earlier, they will have charging stations all over the conference center. The problem is – you will most likely not be staying in the same position long enough to effectively gain a full charge. Bring two if you plan on staying the whole day and into the cocktail hours at night. You also may be in a presentation and see a fellow Inbounder who is in need. Let them borrow your portable charger and use it as an icebreaker – a great way to find out if they need your marketing services or pick up some tips for their best practices for inbound marketing. It's your tangible pick up line and people will love you for it.


  1. Keep your eyes open for cool stuff! I know we are giving out an amazing prize this year and, although we did give out the best one last year, (a MacBook Air) we know there will be other opportunities from other partners. Usually it takes some engagement on your part, but it is always worth it. It is especially a win-win situation when you are already looking for marketing services.


So what?


Make sure you're prepared for Inbound 2015 by packing your chargers and using a notebook! Keep your eyes open for cool and free stuff and take a break and enjoy your surroundings. It will be a fast-paced and crazy week but you'll want to get as much out of it as you can. Enjoy #inbound15 and come visit us at the booths! 



Image courtesy of Verne Ho on unsplash.com 


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Alex Moore
Alex Moore

Alex Moore, MBA, is a senior partner and marketing strategy expert at Stratagon. In true early adopter fashion, Alex is passionate about marketing technology, automation, CRM and using leading tech tools to create forward movement in business and in life. Connect with him on Twitter.