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July 22, 2014

Closed Loop Marketing - Learn How to Fix a Broken Loop

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ClosedLoopMarketingHowToFixABrokenLoopStratagonYou’ve done all the right things.  You’ve figured out how to implement a closed-loop marketing strategy and you’ve set up the tools to do so.  You’ve been engaged in reviewing your visitor behavior and have developed ways to streamline your lead nurturing.  But, somehow, you’re not getting the data you need and potential customers are slipping through the cracks.


What are you doing wrong?


Tracking codes

It is vital that you have tracking codes on every website page and every subdomain.  You need tracking urls for every single (I repeat: EVERY. SINGLE.) marketing event, campaign and offline event.  It’s impossible to get a handle on your overall marketing strategy if you don’t have data backing up every move you make.  Exhausting?  Yes!  Effective?  Absolutely.  Get in the habit of doing this and you’ll thank your lucky stars when it comes time to review your marketing strategies with your boss or your board of directors.

In conjunction with codes, you’ll need to associate your online visitors’ browsing history with their lead information when they FIRST begin to view your site.  Using automated marketing tools like HubSpot will help you do this.


Partnering with the sales team

Don’t let all your marketing efforts fall by the wayside.  Be sure that you are working in partnership with your sales team to determine how and when leads need to be closed.  Work with them on ways to best close the sale on leads that you’ve been nurturing all along.  Involve the sales team in your marketing strategy from day one so that you’ll all be working together toward a common goal of converting those leads into bonafide customers.


Nurture ALL your leads 

Some leads, we know, are not considered “hot.”  But even those lukewarm leads may someday be ready to buy and when they ARE ready, we want them to buy from YOU.  So, be sure that you have a workflow process based on their behaviors in place to gently nurture those leads who are still just wishing upon stars. 

Closed-loop marketing is used by some of the best marketing minds in the business because it works.  By building these tools and skillsets into your marketing strategy, your company’s bottom line will grow and you, my friend, will be a marketing rock star.



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Ryan Burkett
Ryan Burkett

Ryan Burkett is a senior partner and solutions delivery champion at Stratagon. Ryan shares passion in traditional, inbound, and digital marketing, but really gets his kicks building client experiences that never disappoint. Whether a envisioning a tradeshow or mobile tour, a targeted campaign or content-filled microsite, or even building customer strategy and business processes to help our clients deliver for their clients, Ryan delivers. Family man, sports fan, member of the Crossfit cult. Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.