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4 Reasons Why Brand Ambassadors Are Critical to Marketing Strategy

You now know that brand ambassadors aren't just paid celebrities touting your amazing brand. You have brand ambassadors everywhere (or you should...are your employees walking the talk?). But why are brand ambassadors a critical component of your marketing strategy?


What is a Brand Ambassador Anyway?

You've heard about them. Brand ambassadors are everywhere. Famous faces and voices touting products and pitching companies are filling television screens, popping up in online searches and giving us all kinds of reasons why we should buy or invest in or use the services they're promoting.

That's all very well and good for Coke. Or Buick. Or Delta Airlines. They've got tons of money to buy ads and pay celebrities beaucoup bucks to sell, sell, sell.


But what happens to all the rest of us who live in the marketing trenches? We have finite budgets and limited resources to attract prospects to our fabulous products and services. And people are telling us we need to get a celebrity to pitch products? Hmmm.


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