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Closing the Loop in Trade Show Marketing



Trade show planning and closing the loop doesn’t begin after the trade show.  The key to consistently closing the loop with leads is planning. Remember that famous quote from Benjamin Franklin: “Failing to plan is planning to fail"? That is the key to most victories, especially trade show success and return on investment.

Lead Scoring Does Not Work...?

Before you call me crazy or bring out sales and marketing professionals worldwide to blow up my twitter feed, let me explain! Lead scoring does not work unless you have a full marketing and technology stack to score lead activities correctly and a tightly aligned sales and marketing team to take action, providing timely feedback on lead interactions and lead quality. Now see, that statement was certainly too long for a blog title, and search engines only allow so many characters to show in titles anyway.

Closed Loop Marketing - Learn How to Fix a Broken Loop


You’ve done all the right things.  You’ve figured out how to implement a closed-loop marketing strategy and you’ve set up the tools to do so.  You’ve been engaged in reviewing your visitor behavior and have developed ways to streamline your lead nurturing.  But, somehow, you’re not getting the data you need and potential customers are slipping through the cracks.


What are you doing wrong?


Close Loop Marketing - New Lead Generation - Happy Customers


Become a Better Marketer by Closing the Loop


Now you understand not only how closed-loop marketing works but also what tools you need to set up closed-loop marketing.   You can now focus on keeping what’s working and tossing aside those things that aren’t converting leads into customer. In the end, that’s what great marketing really is…showing people the terrific possibilities that await them and then wowing them so much that they become True Believers who buy your products and services and tell their friends all about them. 


You’re ready to do that, right?


Marketing "Circle of Life"- How Closed-Loop Marketing Works


Today, most marketers have access to the technology they need to "close the loop" in marketing. The problem is most of them are not taking advantage of it. Reasons often include change, it's too hard, or it's difficult to implement. Often if you want to be an effective an efficient marketer you must be able to tie every dollar, every lead, and every customer back to your initiatives. This will help you find what is and is not working for you. Why spend the money and not track your marketing ROI? Close the loop! 


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