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Brand Ambassadors: How to Engage Your Employees in Your Brand

You're all fired up about your brand. You think your brand is awesome, amazing, all-powerful, almighty, all-inclusive and every other exceptional "a" word on the planet. You advertise it. You blog about it. You sell it. You believe in it.

What is a Brand Ambassador Anyway?

You've heard about them. Brand ambassadors are everywhere. Famous faces and voices touting products and pitching companies are filling television screens, popping up in online searches and giving us all kinds of reasons why we should buy or invest in or use the services they're promoting.

That's all very well and good for Coke. Or Buick. Or Delta Airlines. They've got tons of money to buy ads and pay celebrities beaucoup bucks to sell, sell, sell.


But what happens to all the rest of us who live in the marketing trenches? We have finite budgets and limited resources to attract prospects to our fabulous products and services. And people are telling us we need to get a celebrity to pitch products? Hmmm.


Marketing Before a Trade Show: 3 Reasons why its Important


Getting ready for a trade show is a big task and usually take a pretty big chunk out of your marketing budget. In order to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck, it's important that you do some marketing activities before you head out to your industry event or tradeshow. Marketing before the event is pretty crucial to trade show success and obtaining new leads and customers.


Maximize your ROI for trade shows by doing a contest on social media, handing out special die cut coupons, or promoting participation in a pre-show event. So now you know you need to do some marketing before trade shows and that seems like common sense, but here are some pretty persuasive reasons WHY you should.



Marketing Tools and Tips: Marketing Lessons from Vegas

Las Vegas, as a destination, is a marketing fiend. If you haven't heard the infamous slogan "What Happens Here, Stays Here" then you've either been watching far too much TVLand or you've opted to tune out all the genius marketing ideas of the last 10+ years. Vegas, as an entity, is a lesson in modern marketing tools and tips that even the most seasoned vets among us can learn from.

Medical Marketing: 4 Great Tools to Attract and Retain Patients

The world is changing.

People are communicating more with their fingertips connected to cell phones and tablets. More mobile than ever before, patients review doctors and practices online and cut ties faster if they're not satisfied. Medical marketing is changing, too. Medical practices are reaching beyond their comfort zones to employ new techniques and tools to attract new patients and retain existing ones.

5 Greatest Attributes of a Mobile Tour Brand Ambassador

Brand ambassadors help put the "experience" in experiential marketing.  Choosing a rock star brand ambassador is one of the most important, if not THE most important, roles to position your company for a successful mobile tour or brand experiential program. The brand ambassador is the glue that keeps the on-the-ground team together. If you want to read more about what a brand ambassador is, check out this blog. Here is a quick list of 5 attributes that are necessary to find your Rock Star Brand Ambassador:

Top Three Ways to Minimize Costs of Your Event Marketing

 Marketing costs can always be reduced and various solutions exist for event marketers intending to trim some fat from campaigns. While balancing marketing analytics, industry leaders can effectively maintain flow while reducing inbound expenses and streamlining outbound results. If you’re seeking a reprieve within the event-marketing world, check out these top three neat money-saving tips:

Experiential Marketing - Stealing the Trade Show

3 Ways to Get the Most Value out of Your Trade Show Exhibit



Trade shows are great. There is no doubt about that. Annually, a variety of industry related conferences and shows appear, or reappear, on the calendar and set out to attract worthy exhibitors with the end goal of increasing brand awareness, growing new client opportunities, identifying new strategic partnerships, and many other reasons. Every year, companies that share these particular goals and objectives fill up exhibit halls.



You may think that it’s as simple as showing up with your business cards, your memorized script, and free pens and mints at your provided 8-foot table, but it really isn’t. Trade shows can be expensive, so why even chance it? Consider the following 3 tips the next time you are ready to brave the trade show experiential marketing channel.


Experiential Marketing - Why you should consider ‘Hitting the Streets’


First you may wonder – What is a “Street Team”?


The now omnipresent "street team" model and saying was originally developed by urban record labels, such as: Loud Records, Jive, Bad Boy Records, and Ruthless Records. These rap labels and others found it affordable and highly effective bridge to their target audience that did not require the traditional outlets found in print, radio, television and intangible far-reaching record distribution deals.


In other words - a “Street Team” is a experiential marketing tactic and a term used in marketing and promotion to describe a group of people who are on the ground promoting an event or a product.

Experiential Marketing - 4 Details that Matter on a Mobile Marketing Tour


Mobile marketing is a very efficient type of experiential marketing. No matter if it is a kiosk, a pop up structure, and trade show booth, a recycled storage container, a bus, car, or truck, the important thing is that you connect with your customers in an engaging way. Doing a mobile tour is about engagement, delighting your customers, and collecting data. Innovation is always sought after in a mobile marketing tour. You want to steal the show and grab the attention of customers or potential customers. So, there are a lot of elements that go into a mobile tour, but there are a few details that are very important that you don’t want to lose sight of.

Experiential Marketing's impact on Your Communication Strategy

You have a lot on your plate with mastering your inbound marketing strategy, planning your advertising campaigns and ensuring your website and brochures all stay current. Why on earth would you throw in the added stress of event or experiential marketing to your already busy day?

Get the details of how we make this stuff happen.

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