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How to Use Google+ for B2B


Google+ isn't simply Google's version of Facebook. It's a complicated program designed around data. This designation can serve B2B business owners well, because you can add your company's information onto your Google+ page and become a part of Google's vast database, which Google then makes available to consumers. Currently, only about 13% of small businesses use Google+, so now is a great opportunity to take advantage of creating a Google+ page for your business. By creating a page for your business, and keeping an active, detailed profile, your company can rank higher in Google Search results and provide key information such as hours, location, and services offered to potential customers.

Is Google+ Even Worth Your Time?


When Google rolled out invitations to Google+ in 2011, the launch was met with a mixture of excitement for the company to expand into social and speculation about how Google would draw millions of dedicated users away from Facebook and Twitter. Any initial thrill has now given way to the consensus that Google+ has not performed the way that Google intentioned. When I received my requested invite in early 2012, I cheerfully signed up, and then never posted a single thing. Turns out, most of Google+ users are just like me- dormant, husks or zombies compared to the human hive of activity that social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter retain.


How to Get Banned by Google - Black Hat SEO Practices

I was at the movies last week and recetly saw a preview for the new movie that just came out called "blackhat".  It happened to trigger some thoughts and questions about a subject that is important and controversial when trying to make a website more searchable.

Black-hat vs. white-hat is usually referred to when speaking about hackers – but it is also used when talking about "good" vs. "bad" SEO practices. While it's important to stock your posts with strong and relevant keywords, stay away from things like "keyword stuffing" in order to protect yourself from getting banned from a Google search. There are a few things you SHOULD NOT do when trying to optimize your site for Google, including keyword stuffing.

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