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Marketing Automation

Marketing automation sounds a little scary, doesn't it? Sometimes it makes us think of an Asimov-created world where tiny marketing robots take over all civilization. OK, maybe that's a stretch. But marketing automation can make your marketing life a cinch. Utilizing marketing automation effectively will enable you to e-mail and post to social media in your sleep. You can nurture away while you're doing other things. It's multi-tasking at its finest. We promise.

Get Started

Decide what the attibutes are of the audience you are targeting.  Really take some time and make this person come to life.  Describe their pain points, their goals, their strengths and then give them a name and a face.  We want you to think of this person whenever you are developing content designed to meet their very specific needs. We call this a "Persona." 

Then decide what experience you want your audience to have.  Do you want them to receive an email after they've downloaded some of your fabulous content?  Do you want them to receive another email after they've opened that one?  Do you want trade show prospects to have a different experience from website visitors?  We can discuss how often and how you want your prospects to be touched and develop a series of if/then actions based on their interactions with your touchpoints.  We refer to this as the "Customer Journey."

We'll need to decide on the marketing automation software that meets your needs.  Or, if you already have that software in place, we'll just move forward with developing useful content designed to intrigue your prospects. 

Go with the flow

Next, we develop a content and workflow strategy based on the needs and interests of your customers with your end goals in mind. We'll include specific calls-to-action with your powerful content designed to gently ease your prospects through the sales funnel without them ever feeling pressured.  We can tailor new content to their needs based on interactions with your existing content.  Additionally, we'll develop social media campaigns designed to intrigue, engage and excite your prospects while they're being nurtured individually. We make it easy for them to interact with your brand on a variety of media.

Close the sale

Based on heightened levels of engagement, you'll decide when your prospects are "warm" enough to be moved out of the marketing channel and into the sales cycle.  But don't worry! Your automated tools can continue to engage them long after they become delighted customers.  We can continue to nurture them with added-value products and services, company newsletters, special events and anything your marketing heart desires.

The icing on the marketing cake

Here's the best news for you:  Once all the marketing automation tools are in place, all you have to do is tweak!  You can insert an email here or a social media post there.  You can keep what's working and change what's not.  Seriously, you can schedule emails to go out while you sleep.  You can entice Twitter users to follow you while you're on vacation.  It doesn't get much better than that. 

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