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An Operating System for Admissions

What if you could combine the top marketing lead-generation strategies with a few new twists that improved the ability to attract the right students, gauge interest, and nurture them more efficiently and effectively? ​It’s time to streamline student recruitment by aligning personalized messaging and impact for better engagement.  

The result? More qualified students who apply, resulting in a boost to your enrollment. Plus, automated systems will create more time for your team to focus on daily activities that require their attention – all while building genuine relationships with incoming students. 



Relationship-Centric Thinkers

We are a dedicated team of innovative strategists, deeply attuned to the distinct challenges of the higher education sphere. By grasping the intricate student decision journey, we orchestrate multi-channel, highly tailored engagement touchpoints throughout the student lifecycle.  

Experience less complexity, gain greater impact. 


Turn Your Ideas Into Results

We deliver to the challenges you have by crafting unique solutions to help you meet your goals and move the needle. 

Enrollment Strategy + Automation

Craft a tailored enrollment strategy that considers your university's specific goals, market trends, student preferences, and the comprehensive student journey. You could tap into new opportunities such as reaching out to underrepresented demographics, establishing community partnerships, or initiating targeted digital marketing campaigns. With the right tactics, you can not only enhance enrollment figures but also attract students who align perfectly with your distinctive academic offerings and campus ethos. Our campaign services are intentionally focused on taking a strategic approach to ensure alignment with your needs, inputs, targeting, execution, and outcomes.​ In essence, we will build a strategic plan to research and discover, power recruitment with automation, and position you for future growth. ​ 

Post-Admit Strategy Execution

The journey doesn't end at an acceptance letter from admissions. A robust post-admissions strategy is equally pivotal in propelling your university forward. By formulating a comprehensive plan to engage and support students post-admission, you can elevate retention rates, boost student satisfaction, and foster a vibrant campus community. This could involve personalized advising, focused career development programs, or stimulating extracurricular activities that help students connect with their peers and faculty. By investing in post-admissions strategies centered around student success and well-being, your university can not only enhance individual student outcomes, but also solidify its reputation in the higher education arena – as well as alumni and community partnerships. 


How We Make the Magic Happen

Our journey begins with us diving into the essence of your university and the stories you're eager to tell. With this insight, we create content that doesn't just showcase your value, but also lets your students know that what you offer can give them an upper hand. We add to that a finely-tuned targeting strategy and well-timed communication touchpoints, and your university is all set to reach new heights. This approach helps you connect and engage with your prospective students in a meaningful way, driving up yield rates and making your message hit home.


We Deliver Wins For You

Below are recent client campaign statistics we are proud of:



in completed applications



in enrolled students



in deposits paid

Supporting Services

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Digital Marketing

Ensure the planning and execution behind your overall strategy stays aligned to your goals so that you can reach the right prospective students.


Creative Services

Craft smart, captivating content and design that draws in your prospects and builds your audiences so that they move through the enrollment funnel.


Video Production

Capture future students with compelling storytelling that conveys your values, makes your campus relatable, and increases enrollment and retention.


Modern College Recruitment Strategies to Reach High School Students


What Our Clients Have to Say

Marketing expertise. Data-driven approach. Collaborative Mindset. Enrollment impact.

I am writing this testimonial to express my utmost satisfaction and gratitude for the exceptional services provided by Stratagon. As a representative of our college, I have had the privilege of working closely with Stratagon for over 7 years, and their contribution has been invaluable.

Stratagon has been instrumental in helping CAENS achieve remarkable success in our admissions efforts. Their expertise has revolutionized our approach, resulting in a significant increase in admissions and a positive impact on our college's reputation. The team at Stratagon has demonstrated an exceptional understanding of our college's unique strengths and market positioning. They have developed creative and compelling marketing campaigns that effectively highlight our college's key differentiators while elevating our brand image.

Beyond their expertise and exceptional work, what truly sets Stratagon apart is their partnership approach. They have consistently gone above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction and success. Their team has always been attentive to our needs, responsive to our feedback, and proactive in suggesting new ideas and strategies. They have become an invaluable extension of our team, working closely with us to achieve our goals and overcome challenges.

I wholeheartedly recommend Stratagon to any educational institution seeking a reliable and results-driven partner. 

When NCCU joined forces with Stratagon, we knew we were in good hands. Their expertise in marketing and admissions has truly taken us to the next level. They've helped us refine our messaging, strengthen our brand, and connect with prospective students.

Stratagon's innovative and data-driven approach has been a game-changer. They understand the higher education landscape inside out and have brought fresh ideas and strategies to the table. With their help, we've been able to effectively communicate our commitment to diversity, showcase our exceptional academic programs, and create a supportive environment that students thrive in.

But it's not just about the results. Working with Stratagon has been a collaborative and enjoyable experience. Their team has been incredibly dedicated, creative, and always willing to go the extra mile. They've taken the time to understand our goals and have tailored their strategies to our unique vision, ensuring that we attract the right students who are excited to join our NCCU community.

Thanks to our partnership with Stratagon, we've seen a significant increase in qualified applicants who are eager to be a part of NCCU reaching us to enrollment numbers we haven’t seen in 10 years. It's truly amazing to see the impact we're making together, and I couldn't be prouder.

Our partnership with Stratagon has brought us incredible success.

admissionsOS-headshots-buchanan admissionsOS-headshots-bailey
Warren J. Buchanan Special Asst. to the Dean, Director of Student Placement and
Assessment for USDA Research and Extension Projects,
Tuskegee University
Michael A. Bailey Director of Undergraduate Admissions,


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