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Expression Engine


Flexible, SCaleable, Secure, Supported

Are you tired of your site being limited by Templates and plugin's?


The hub of any digital marketing effort is a stable yet secure and agile website.  The Stratagon web development team leverages Expression Engine by Ellis labs to deliver enterprise content management solutions that range from static websites to those requiring ecommerce capabilities with heavy back office integration. Stratagon has deep expertise in developing website with complex business requirement on the Expression Engine Platform.  

A Flexible Platform

When ExpressionEngine is places in the hands of a talented web developers and designers, and you'll quickly relize you've got a flexible platform that is has the power the support almost anything you can imagine. ExpressionEngine was designed to easily manage and flexibly display multiple channels of content.

Scale from SMB to Enterprise Websites

Since ExpressionEngine was designed to handle a wide range of content publishing needs, there's no need to jump from one CMS to another for each change in business requirements.  Expression Engine or EE can serve as your single point for content management, ecommerce and web applications.


Security is Top Notch

ExpressionEngine has the most comprehensive suite of security features of any publishing platform on the market. EE has you covered from "session management" where there are three separate session management systems, based on your security needs to throttling which manages the frequency that any given IP address can access your site in order to help prevent denial of service attacks.

Support Beyond the Community

As with any top CMS there is a large community of users and developers that share notes and regularly aid each other when questions arise but sometimeseelogo.png you need live support from a central source.  Of couruse our development team is readily available and highly skilled in EE yet having access to EllisLabs, the makers of EE is invaluable and provides yet another point of difference from competitive open source content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.


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