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Strategic, Supportive Marketing & Web Partner

"I've had the pleasure of working with Stratagon on a wide range of projects. They provide our small in-house marketing team with the support we need to execute our inbound marketing and web development efforts and are always willing to jump in on last minute projects. They support us on both a strategic and tactical level for everything from blog writing and graphic design to moving our entire site to the HubSpot platform. I've been very happy with the level of service we receive from the Stratagon team and highly recommend them as a strategic partner."

Cassie Viau
Social Media & Digital Marketing Manager
CoreMedical Group



Full Service Provider of HubSpot Solutions

"We're absolutely impressed with Stratagon’s ability to provide new and innovative solutions to our recruitment strategy. Stratagon has demonstrated their ability to cater to institutions of higher learning via the measurable outcome of growing our prospective student base by 150% over the last three years. Stratagon helped us to map out the student journey through a defined recruitment funnel as well as effective touch point strategies. Of note, new processes have nurtured prospective students with highly personalized content that aid in converting them into admitted students. Stratagon effectively uses HubSpot to deliver many of the services provided for Tuskegee CAENS such as improved engagement of our student prospects across a variety of channels that include: social media, blogging, SEO, landing pages, forms, email and video. Stratagon's knowledge of HubSpot so outstanding that we use HubSpot CRM and Marketing together for important projects and advanced workflows.

Warren J. Buchanan Sr.
Special Assistant to the Dean
Tuskeegee University 



Expertise & Service

"Expertise. Service. Two words that summarize what Stratagon provides. Stratagon is my go to team when I need custom coding/development for HubSpot. They know the platform, strategy, tactics, and how people behave. This allows them to ask the right questions of their clients to achieve the desired outcome. They are incredibly flexible and have one of the most positive and helpful teams I have ever worked with."

Kelly Paul
Assistant Director of Marketing
University of North Carolina at Greensboro Online Learning


Innovative Partner, Critical Extension to Our Team

"We continue to be impressed with Stratagon after several years and numerous projects. They have been essential in helping us reach sales goals, especially for our most successful products. From launch to present, they have understood our needs and provided strategy support at every step. They embrace the most innovative marketing tools, such as Hubspot, and have given us a platform to manage and track all efforts and dialogue. By accessing all marketing segments, they provide a robust portfolio of capabilities to give us incredible support. By building and maintaining our website, their efforts have given customers immediate access to product information and updates. At industry events, they have provided support to make sure we have a presence and are relevant. Their email campaigns have enabled multiple touches to our contacts, providing valuable communications to a target audience. Stratagon has become a critical extension of our team."

Linda Khan
Brand Manager


Dynamic Support Well Beyond Strategy & Marketing

We approached Stratagon last year during the middle of a directed sales growth campaign that contained a number of complex variables - including variation in customer size and their data sets. What impressed me most was Stratagon’s ability to quickly understand the variability of our customers and our complex data sets. In a relatively short period of time, Stratagon understood nearly all of our asks and were able to assist us with strategy, design and campaign execution. We were so impressed with the execution and success of the first campaign that we reached out to Stratagon to discuss and rework the follow-up campaign. Stratagon has served as a strategic partner in all aspects to help us delivering an even more robust program – that could only be executed given their technical expertise utilizing all aspects of HubSpot - including COS development. They’ve gone above and beyond and I would highly recommend them for any marketing initiative.

Jeremy Adamson
Account Manager 
DOW AgroSciences 


Wide-Ranging Capabilities, Hyper-Client Focused

Stratagon differentiates itself in its ability to bring in the right expertise at the right time for your account. They aren't just focused on one segment of marketing. Rather, they have a wide-range of capabilities that allow them to meet you where you are and scale as you grow. I also love their professionalism and would never hesistate to bring them in to talk to clients and/or my higher-ups."

Rachel Clapp Miller
Director of Digital Enhancement
Force Management


Great Advice

Met these folks at a HubSpot user group. They have the depth of knowledge to dissect the vast tools available to feature the one's our new business needs.

Hugh Jones
Mosquito Squad of the Triad

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