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Integrated Marketing

Any business that wants to compete in today’s evolving market place must be aware of multiple marketing channels and understand how to use them appropriately. Having a consistent approach and execution across the myriad of media in this time of abundant options can often be both an art and a science. That art, or science depending on whether you are a left-brain or right-brain person, is what is commonly referred to as "Integrated Marketing." In our experience, we’ve earnestly come to believe that the only way to be an effective agency is to focus on integrated marketing. Unfortunately, every agency and marketing professional out there doesn’t feel the way we do.

If you agree with us, and we hope you do, our simple approach to building and executing a marketing strategy should make a lot of sense... and here it is!

1) Define Goals and Objectives

To truly be successful, you need to do more than just create and distribute marketing collateral among different platforms. You need to make sure that every facet of your campaign seeks to achieve one overarching goal: to promote and strengthen your brand.

2) Blueprint the Strategy

Starting with known goals and objectives gives us a destination in terms of our marketing, campaign or business journey.  However to get there we need a blueprint or strategy that guides us and helps ensure we make better tactical decisions based on good strategic direction. 

Getting the strategy right can be one of the toughest body elements in marketing planning but also can be the most impactful in terms of ROI and marketing effectiveness.  Spend the time to plan your strategy and be sure to work with an agency partner to knows how to ensure strategy and strategic thinking is incorporated into your marketing discussions.

3) Identify Tactics And Channels

Integrated Marketing is not simply taking a message and blasting it across your channels of choice. It's about the right message delivered through the best channel for your target audience.  It's also important that the same content should never be defaulted across channels as some content is a less than ideal fit for some channels.

Tactical planning is very detailed work and given the variety of channels we have available to deliver a message it's extremely important to use the best ones that deliver on your goals and objectives to your target audience. 


4) Execute Analyze Adjust

At Stratagon we have the experience, skills and resources to handle all your marketing needs so you can rest easy knowing your brand is being consistently represented and promoted across all your marketing channels.

We execute integrated campaigns for our clients resulting in strong identities through a combination of careful planning, storytelling and analytics so they can clearly demonstrate again and again why their brand matters.


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