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Attract, Convert, Close, Delight

Stratagon is a certified HubSpot Agency Partner working with clients to plan, execute and manage inbound marketing and marketing automation strategies. Our team of marketing experts seeks to understand your marketing challenges and develop comprehensive campaigns which deliver a positive ROI for your marketing investment.


Is the All in One Marketing Platform a good fit for you?

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HubSpot describes themselves as the "All in One Marketing Platform".  We believe the HubSpot platform is to a Marketer as Quickbooks is to an accountant. If your marketing strategy calls for measured results across social, websites, blogs, email, paid search and SEO, HubSpot may be the tool for you.  HubSpot has packaged these elements into an easy to use interface that improves marketing efficiency and assist with gaining visibility into which tactics are most effective.  This is not only beneficial for our clients but is also a critical element for our marketing team to do more of what is working well and eliminate or change the things which are not hitting the mark.  Creating a personalized communications experience for those you want to influence via marketing messages is a critical key to success.  HubSpot provides features, which allow variable display of on-site text and images based on a wide range of personalized attributes, which allows for a more relevant dialogue between your customers and prospects.

Key Features:

Identify Tactics And Channels

The Stratagon Account team is a highly skilled group with a singular objective of delivering results for our clients. We use a proven, yet constantly improving, process that keeps pace with client needs and trends across the various marketing channels.  Our roots are in marketing, so we understand how the latest modern marketing strategies work in conjunction with those tried and true approaches that have worked for years and still have relevance today. 

HubSpot Platinum Certified Agency Partner

Hubspot cRM for Sales Teams

HubSpot CRM for sales teams provides the perfect introduction to CRM or the perfect compliment to more complex CRM applications when leveraged by the Sales Team.  It focuses on the needs of the sales team and provides a simple user interface.

CRM Integration

Having an Inbound Marketing or Marketing Automation program without the ability to close the loop within the sales cycle, leaves a gap in the desire for a marketer to know there work had a positive impact in helping there organization meet its sales goals.  To assist with closing this loop, it is important not only to have a CRM system, but also to connect it to your marketing automation platform so closed customers can be treated as such and instantly become transparent to the marketing team.  For those who do not leverage HubSpot CRM, there are several CRM integration options for HubSpot, such as "Out of the Box" integration with Salesforce.com.


For additional information on HubSpot CRM for Sales Teams, please see our blog which contains a brief video introduciton to the product.


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