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Storytelling Video Production  

UNCG Bryan School 

The Bryan School of Business & Economics at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro is a learning community characterized by a spirit of inquiry, pursuit of continued improvement, professionalism, trust, ethical behavior, and good citizenship.  

Their mission is to create and disseminate knowledge about the theory and practice of business. In addition to courses and research, they accomplish this through hands-on projects, global experiences, and outreach to the community.

The Bryan School produces principled leaders and exceptional problem solvers who have a global perspective, an innovative mindset, a broad understanding of sustainability, and a commitment to improve the organizations in which they work and the communities in which they live. 



The University of North Carolina at Greensboro desired to educate target audiences on the key career benefits and the flexibility of obtaining an MBA from UNCG Bryan School of Business & Economics. They wanted a personalized visual statement that would serve to educate and inspire prospective MBA candidates from both early and experienced professional career stages. 

Ideally, the piece would speak directly to prospective students in an authentic and inspiring way through the story of a real MBA graduate in order to convey the immediate and impactful results they can expect upon graduating with an MBA degree from UNCG Bryan School of Business & Economics. The target audiences would include prospective students who are early career professionals, experienced professionals, and those who have limited time and the desire to pursue an MBA graduate degree.

The delivery was time-sensitive to coincide with graduation in order to provide viewers with a real-time understanding of the experience to be expected upon completion of the program. 

The goals were to speak directly to prospective students in an authentic and inspiring way through the story of a real MBA graduate.

Informational and Concise
Informational and Concise

The goal is to share specific information while creating true engagement so that viewers will learn more about the MBA program and its benefits.

Time-Sensitive Promotion
Time-Sensitive Promotion

Delivery and promotion for delivery needed to be timely for the graduation period when a new enrollment period would begin.  

Show, Don't Tell
Show, Don't Tell

The story needs to speak for itself and genuinely connect with the audience to elicit an emotional response from the viewer.   

The key to success with video is not only identifying the story you want to tell, but also conveying it in a way that inspires and motivates change within your audience. The customer should be the main character, while your company serves as the supporting role that offers solutions to help them create successful outcomes 



Since the desired goals drive the direction of the story, our account and production teams mapped out a plan to share the story of a real MBA student to pique interest, create excitement, and influence the target audiences to apply to the Bryan School at UNCG.

Their overarching idea was for prospects to realize: “When I graduate from UNCG Bryan School of Business & Economics, I will have strong transferable skills and knowledge that will turbocharge my career in a crowded marketplace.”

The differentiator in the story is the proven approach in helping students solve problems innovatively, globally, sustainably, and ethically. It also helps them understand that it’s never too late to go back to school. 

Pre-Production included development of a creative brief, storyboards and scripts, talent and location scouting and preparation, shot list, and the preparation of interview questions. Production involved capturing B-roll at four locations, recording interviews for voice-over throughout the film, and the filming of graduation and backup-up footage on site in various locations, and post-production work comprised of editing/arrangement, color correction, audio mastering, motion graphic creation, finalization, and optimization of final files for different platforms for publication. 

Brand Awareness
Brand Awareness
The video reveals a compelling brand story in an easily digestible package to build brand awareness and loyalty at the right time for prospective students to apply.
Documentary Storytelling
Documentary Storytelling
Features an individually-focused story highlighting a UNCG Bryan School MBA graduate with a unique background.
Motivation-Driven Narrative
Motivation-Driven Narrative
Viewers clearly observe the benefits of attending the Bryan School of Business and the personal motivation of the student throughout various stages in the MBA program.
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Production Phases
Pre-production, production, and post-production each included detailed and strategic plans for completion within a timely manner and a professional, effective end product.

The Stratagon team planned, implemented, and delivered a finalized 90-second, 1080p HD full quality MOV. file + web optimized h.264 file for online streaming (with platform-specific encoding for optimized streaming).

The video is an emotionally-driven and individually-focused story highlighting Carrie Longnecker, a UNCG Bryan School MBA graduate. By capturing live-action footage of the day-to-day routine of Carrie, with an emphasis on her background, family, and professional goals, the video provides a genuine account of her success in the MBA program and her ability to attain new goals due to her education.

The video provides the viewers with an opportunity to understand the values of the Bryan School of Business along with sharing in the personal success achieved by Carrie in the MBA program. 

The production team delivered the video within the specified time frame, and the marketing department for the Bryan School utilized it across a multi-channel campaign at the discretion of the university.

The video continues to inspire prospective students to apply and pursue an MBA that will further their career, despite unconventional circumstances.

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Stratagon was open to feedback, maintained great collaboration, and created a fantastic marketing piece.

Director, Marketing & Communications

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