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Optimizing Landing Pages for Lead Generation and Conversion

Landing pages are crucial for effective lead generation, but optimizing them doesn’t stop after writing good copy and structuring your forms well.

The 25 ‘Must Haves’ Of A Great Business Website

We all know how important a website is to online strategy, but what does it really take to have a great website that drives visitors, leads and revenue?

10 Marketing Must-Dos for 2014

Are you wondering how to revamp your marketing program this year?

How To Convert Leads Into Customers Using Hubspot

Did you ever wonder how people captured REAL leads on their website instead of letting all that web traffic pass them by?

Fascinating Event Marketing Stats

Did you know that event marketing usually consumes less than 20% of a company's budget?

Marketing Automation RFP & Planning Guide

"That RFP Process was so much fun, we should do it again next year." - Said no one, ever. 

Inbound Marketing Checklist

You've heard all about inbound marketing.  You know the buzz words. 

The ABCs of Inbound Marketing eBook

Gone are the days of bombarding prospects with print and TV ads. Fortunately, inbound marketing offers a cost-effective method for closing more deals.

7 Advantages of using a Managed Service Provider for Salesforce Support Services

Why should you bring in a managed service provider?  Why is Stratagon the right partner for you?

Snapchat Snapshot: Just the Basics

Never thought snapchat could be used as a marketing tool? We thought it was interesting too.

Creative Marketing - How to Use Data to Dance with Your Customers

Understanding who your prospects and customers are, helping them to solve their challenges and meet their needs is important throughout the sales cycle and beyond.

5 Experiential Marketing Must Dos

Whether it's a trade show, a mobile experience, or you are utilizing street teams, experiential marketing is never a bad idea!


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