Email Marketing + Automation

Nurture Your Prospects in a Personalized, Helpful Way

Email marketing is the development of targeted business emails to your prospects and customers that enables you to boost conversions, educate subscribers, and provide valuable information that will keep audiences engaged with your company. The email marketing channel is a strategic tool to nurture your audiences effectively as marketing technology continues to evolve.

Paired with marketing automation tools to streamline monotonous tasks, email marketing can keep your products and service top of mind for your prospects in the right ways at the right times to expedite the sales process (without being pushy or annoying). We're here to help you implement an email marketing strategy allows you to build relationships using personalization, automation triggers, and workflows.


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Strategize, Automate, Test, Refine, and Monitor

Digital marketing automation is never a "set it and forget it" process – it involves strategic email marketing strategy and marketing automation tools to set up sales teams for success.

Email Marketing Strategy

  • Define personas
  • Develop a user journey
  • Set goals and KPIs
  • Create relevant content
  • Design + copywriting
  • Deliver clear CTAs
  • Ensure email compliance


Marketing Automation

  • Develop email templates
  • Set up HubSpot email automation
  • Segment audiences & lists
  • Use smart copy for varying audiences
  • Develop email workflows
  • A/B test marketing emails
  • Analyze metrics & data
  • Monitor & adjust emails