Experiential Marketing Strategy

Create an Unforgettable Experience to Draw in Your Audiences

What makes an event memorable? Creating an experience! Experiential marketing is a traditional form of marketing that enables prospects and customers to experience your brand through an event, tradeshow, or other engaging situation. Experiential marketers create a hands-on experience to raise brand awareness and engage with target audiences to showcase products or services. 
Experiential marketing can be a valuable addition to your current digital and traditional marketing channels because it allows visitors to directly participate and interact with what you’re selling along with how your company culture shapes customer service – and they get to experience it all in action. Our in-depth knowledge of tradeshow marketing, experiential marketing product tours, and other engagement marketing tactics will not only capture your audiences, but will also connect them to digital collateral where you can collect CRM data for future marketing and sales enablement implementation. 

UNCG Bryan School

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro desired to educate target audiences on the key career benefits and flexibility of obtaining a Bryan School MBA at any career stage so that traditional and non-traditional students could take the next step. We created a visual storytelling experience highlighting a recent MBA graduate as a personalized statement to educate and inspire prospective MBA candidates to build traction for the upcoming enrollment period.


Make Sure Your Customers Feel the Difference

An experiential marketing campaign can bring ideal prospects and customers into your brand story and create memorable, interactive experiences. The end result? They’ll feel connected to your company and keep coming back for more of your products and services.

Experiential Marketing Planning

  • Tradeshow strategy & planning
  • Market research
  • Event collateral
  • Email marketing sequences
  • Digital advertising to drive attendance

Live Marketing Support

  • Event CRM data collection
  • In-person event logistics & support
  • Ongoing campaign analytics & reporting
  • Automated campaign workflows
  • Sales enablement implementation