Location-Based Marketing

Reach Prospects Where They Are – Just in Time

Wouldn’t it be great to get your message in front of ideal customers when they’re already in the area? Well, dreams do come true. Location-based marketing uses data from past or present mobile device locations to deliver relevant content to prospects and customers. Using geographical location, marketers can launch geofencing and geotargeting campaigns to target audiences at places and times that keep your campaign top of mind for visitors to take a desired action. Geotargeting presents ads using historical or active location data, while geofencing creates a virtual “fence” around a location to serve ads to audiences who enter that area (it can even be used as geoconquesting to deliver ads to audiences in a competitor’s location).  
Our strategic campaigns can help your company develop location-based marketing to drive traffic to a tradeshow booth or event, urge customers to visit a store location using a well-timed discount offer, or increase awareness about a new amenity coming to an area. 

YMCA of High Point

The Y needed to reengage the community after the global pandemic decreased their membership numbers by 50%. Location-based ad content caught the eyes of social media scrollers to discover "The Perfect Day to Join the Y," with a unique and "TWO-riffic" offer that prospects couldn't turn down. Paired with engaging email sequences, strategic targeting, and ongoing analysis, the campaign was a win for the Y.

Imprint Your Digital Footprint to Increase Sales

Marketing campaigns using location can be used for targeted paid advertising, with a user opt-in to receive push notifications within an app, or other use cases depending on your unique needs – and we can't wait to discover the ideal way proximity-based marketing can boost your pipeline.

Location-Based Campaign Planning

  • Location-based marketing strategy
  • Ad platform selection
  • Target audience development
  • Ad design & copywriting
  • Campaign launch

Campaign Management

  • Location-based advertising campaign management
  • Geotargeting strategy & management
  • Geofencing strategy & management
  • IP Address & GPS location marketing
  • Campaign analytics, optimization & reporting