Marketing Campaign Development

Successful Marketing Campaigns Blossom from Strategy

A marketing campaign is a focused effort to make a memorable impact on your target audience(s) through strategic planning and implementation using ideal channels, which could include traditional marketing tactics, digital marketing channels, advertising, and more. It should guide your prospects and customers towards a desired action based on your goals and KPIs set in advance, from awareness to conversions.

If you feel like you're constantly grasping at marketing goals with few results, strategy is your key. It starts with settings goals and KPIs according to a timeline, defining your audiences and channels, planning your budget and assets, and then launching while monitoring and updating as needed based on your analytics.


NCCU – Undergraduate Admissions

The North Carolina Central University Undergraduate Admissions leadership team realized they were not on track to meet their ambitious EoY enrollment goal for committed students, so they needed a strategic plan for higher ed marketing recruitment. Automated email nurturing with smart content differentiated to students and parents at different steps in the application process paired with targeted ads kept NCCU top of mind, and supplemental event & program support boosted overall results for a 50% increase in paid deposits within 3 months.


Center Your Campaigns Around Your Customers' Needs

Your customers' challenges are unique, so we focus on keeping them at the center and showing the value your products and services bring through campaign efforts that push for actions that lead to successful business outcomes.

Marketing Campaign Development

  • Strategic marketing planning
  • Budget preparation
  • Goal setting and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Map out timeline and user journey
  • Define personas/audiences
  • Select ideal marketing channels
  • Develop marketing campaign collateral


Campaign Launch and Monitoring

  • Campaign management
  • Set up martech tools
  • HubSpot automation
  • Set up channels
  • Launch campaign
  • Monitor the metrics
  • Adjust campaign assets as needed