Sales Enablement

Align Marketing and Sales to Boost Revenue Growth

Sales enablement is the process in which marketing and sales work together to align teams in order to see impact for marketing attribution, which helps close more deals and increase revenue. However, it’s difficult to get everyone on the same page when it comes to the sales cycle – does your organization need alignment to work in the same direction to increase revenue and stop wasting time on the deals that don’t matter? 

That’s where strategy comes in: it’s a combination of planning, training, and implementing the right marketing and sales tools to close the sales cycle more effectively through repeatable processes that (actually) work.


How to Make Sales Enablement Happen

Every organization has unique needs, so our sales enablement process is dependent upon goals and KPIs. What we do know is that marketing and sales teams must align for optimal growth. Our data-driven reporting, attribution, and analysis combined with relevant content and automation empowers teams to move leads through the sales cycle with efficiency and improve sales success.



If you don’t know where you’re going, you definitely can’t get there. That’s why we dig deep with your organization by asking the right questions when it comes to your revenue growth goals to work backwards and create a plan that will satisfy all internal and external stakeholders.



What’s smarketing? Sales + marketing alignment! It’s difficult to implement processes across an organization, so we help align goals and resources by establishing joint key performance indicators, learn how to provide ongoing insight and analysis on forecasting and deals, and plan the right content that your prospects need. We can even help with change management if you’re experiencing pushback about the way things have always been.



Here’s where it all comes to fruition: strategy is the map for all movement forward. Our account team puts plans into place for who your buyer personas or ICPs (ideal client profiles) are, does competitive research as needed, develops content plans to move your prospects through the buyer’s journey, and our production team builds the creative framework to make it happen. Then, we create a reporting strategy to show the impact and attribution of efforts.


Tools + Training

Next, we integrate the top marketing and sales technology tools to put the plan into place. Using technology like HubSpot, Salesforce, BrandGen, and more, we automate marketing campaigns and enable sales teams to qualify leads faster and increase revenue. We also train and support your teams to successfully implement these tools to reach customers where they are in the funnel to have a streamlined journey – because it’s all about creating a great experience for your customers.


Rotam AgroSciences

Rotam needed to create awareness and educate growers about a crop product that had been discontinued and had recently returned to the market with a powerful active ingredient. We ran a series of programmatic digital ads to build brand awareness, educate the target populations, and introduce returning availability of this product and its effectiveness in order to enable the sales team to reach out to already-aware prospects.


Revolutionize How You Market & Sell

Sales enablement is a comprehensive concept that covers many areas, and a sales & marketing agency can help you build a plan that fits your needs. 

Marketing & Sales Alignment

  • Settings goals + KPIs
  • Change management
  • Persona development
  • Planning the buyer's journey
  • Campaign development
  • Define MQLs and SQLs


Tools & Implementation

  • HubSpot CRM implementation
  • HubSpot Marketing Hub & Sales Hub
  • Team training
  • Content development
  • Campaign creative & design