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Account-Based Marketing

Force Management works in the B2B space by providing  customized sales consulting and training services to high-technology organizations.

The company sought a strategic partner for campaigns to reach their niche target personas using specific messaging to reach them at the right time.


They needed further support from an agency to provide strategy and execution for their Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns to strategically target new accounts. The purpose is to drive awareness of services and nurture a specific set of companies through digital display advertising to develop sales qualified leads (SQLs).

Niche Audience
With such a specific target persona, it was difficult to directly influence the right people within an organization to influence the sales process. 

Segmented Parts
The marketing team needed a unified strategy to bring together all portions of their plan to enable the sales team to succeed.

Trouble Implementing
Specific platforms were needed to target specific accounts and implement the plan.

Account-Based Marketing is a strategic approach for B2B marketing that brings awareness to specific influencers within an organization to impact and “flip” the sales funnel to align the marketing and sales efforts within a company.


Within the first six months of the ABM campaigns, Force Management has engaged with specific companies that are otherwise very difficult to reach. The unified strategy of messaging across a variety of mediums allows prospects to learn about the company and its offerings before engaging directly, allowing them to make decisions on their own time. 


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"One of the benefits that Stratagon has given us is really looking at our tactics holistically and pushing us to connect the strategy to what we are doing everyday. I appreciate that they constantly push back on us”

Rachel Clapp-Miller
VP of Marketing and Digital Engagement
Force Management