B2B Sales Training Company Capitalizes on Search Traffic to Drive BOFU Conversions


Force Management


Sales Enablement

Paid Search

Digital Advertising Retargeting


Shorten sales cycles by strategically becoming top of mind when prospects "raise a hand" and search for topics related to the client's services


Impressions to a
Brand-Aware Audience


Simple, Strategic Campaign Amplifies Results

Our strategy included capitalizing on search traffic to provide a top solution to prospects. Once the audience landed on the Force Management site, they were immediately engaged because they were already in the middle of their decision process and the content was directly relevant to their search at the time.


Impressions served to a brand-aware audience


Campaign clicks by prospects, above average CTR of 6.7%


Contacts converted via form fill, averaging $335/mo. spend

Charlotte, NC-based Force Management transforms large sales teams across the nation through their proven sales training programs.The sales cycle is often a lengthy process for prospects to decide to invest in this training, so Stratagon partnered with the client to deliver a strategic yet simple retargeting campaign to nurture the decision when the time is right, based on the prospect’s own timing and search habits. The plan resulted in increased efficiency for the Force Management team towards closing six-figure deals for their organization. 


Nurturing long sales cycles can be draining for your marketing and sales teams and can feel intrusive to prospects who aren’t ready yet to make a purchasing decision.

Force Management needed a way to stay top of mind during a long decision process across a variety of channels in a way that would be non-intrusive to prospects. Could there be a way to capitalize on search traffic to provide a solution to top prospects exactly when they need it?   

With a little digging, the right tools, and a healthy dose of advertising strategy, our team discovered a way for Force Management to “be there” when prospects are raising a hand for help – without being pushy. 


Attention-Grabbing Retargeting

What catches your attention when you’re stuck with a big question? A helpful solution that provides you with the answers you need. Retargeting tactics paired with eye-catching copy made this campaign stand out to audiences. 


Gathered TOFU-stage prospects who had previously visited Force Management



Served compelling ads with solution-centered copy to catch audience's attention



Bid on ads to MOFU-stage individuals who searched related topics on Google



Sent visitors to a landing page with solution-driven language to fill out a form

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