New AgTech Website Delivers Expertise to Reveal Go-To-Market Strategy


Digital agency support & implementation of a comprehensive go-to-market strategy with a website redesign to align with industry standards and improve brand professionalism. 


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A Compelling Story for the Future of Animal AgTech

TARGAN was bringing a product to market that had never existed before, so its message had to be clear and concise for potential customers and investors. With reimagined design and accurate content, the site revealed the right story to all website viewers.


Within a month and a half (45 days), the newly launched site had 10,627 page views post-launch. TARGAN’s team used the new site to push traffic from in-person industry tradeshows to drive sales enablement and educate prospects about their technology and future project pipeline.   

Improved User Experience (UX)

Our process started with website and design discovery, then moved into copywriting, web design, and launch and deployment. Throughout the process, our technical team ensured that the structure and functionality of the site would improve the user experience (UX) for easy-to-navigate pages and accessibility for all audiences to interact effectively. 

Increased Clarity

Starting with a deep dive into target personas/ideal client profiles and audiences, our content team worked with the TARGAN team to rework all content on the site to improve understanding, improve calls to action (CTAs), and implement SEO best practices. Then, the design team brought it to life with fresh creative elements to drive interest. 

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TARGAN utilizes cutting-edge technology to reshape animal health and protein production through innovative engineering to foster a sustainable food supply and enhance animal welfare in the poultry, livestock, and aquaculture industries. With Stratagon’s expertise in agriculture and B2B manufacturing, we formed an ideal partnership to develop a winning strategy that would propel them forward in the industry.


A Need for Context and Clarity

The existing TARGAN website was lacking context, and they needed audiences to identify who they are, what they do, and how they are innovating.


TARGAN desired a new website to drive their go-to-market strategy and showcase their value while providing a clear picture of how their cutting-edge technologies boost ROI for operations managers and investors. They also needed to display how they are continually developing projects to improve the animal production industry and wanted to draw in potential talent to hire.

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Driving Value Through Strategic Content and Design

The animal protein industry had never seen innovations like this before, so TARGAN had a secret worth sharing. Their groundbreaking technology was beneficial for the industry, but it was also difficult to explain to multiple audiences that were unfamiliar with its capabilities.

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Performed deep dive work into the company’s innovative technologies, current assets, and future goals
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Conducted Q&A sessions with our account & content teams and their expert scientists, engineers, and marketing & sales teams
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Using the research and updated strategic direction, created content and design that aligned with their needs
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Developed an innovative website with improved UX, user journey, and functionality to mirror their capabilities

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