BrandGen B2B Advertising

Build Your B2B Advertising Strategy with ABM Platform

What if you could directly reach the businesses you want to target with customized messaging to accelerate your sales funnel? Maybe you’ve heard of account-based marketing / ABM methodology, but it’s complicated or your team doesn’t have the bandwidth internally.  

We help you build your B2B marketing tech stack with the ABM platform that directly integrates with HubSpot – and the result enables you to simplify the process of reaching B2B decision makers. It's your time to shine with a programmatic advertising tool that doesn’t rely heavily on third-party data. Instead, it empowers ABM orchestration by connecting marketing and sales teams to sell more together.


Force Management

The B2B sales training organization needed increased support from an agency who could plan and execute a solid strategy for their ABM campaigns, targeting specific high-reward accounts. Through a carefully planned marketing tech stack and digital display advertising targeted to a niche audience, they engaged with specific companies that were otherwise very difficult to reach and gained new enterprise customers.


Uncomplicate ABM Data with a Simple Yet Innovative Martech Stack

Your team can go from “What is ABM?” to campaign launch in record time with flexible advertising solutions for budgets of all sizes that directly target B2B decision makers. We’re here every step of the journey – from planning and selecting audiences, to training your team in using the tools, or pushing the buttons for you. Then, it’s just ready, set, launch. 

ABM Planning

  • ABM + Martech platform consulting
  • Ideal Client Profile (ICP) tiering
  • Identifying + selecting target accounts


BrandGen Platform Services

  • BrandGen team training
  • BrandGen + HubSpot optimization
  • ABM + programmatic advertising implementation