Media Planning & Buying

Nudge Prospects to Choose Your Solutions with the Right Media

Media planning and buying moves across traditional and digital channels: it’s the process of purchasing and negotiating ad space on platforms such as websites, radio, publications, TV, and radio through direct or programmatic ad buys. In essence, paid media helps to educate your prospects about who you are, what you do, and how your solution helps solve their problems – even when they didn’t know they needed you.  

Media is everywhere, so a detailed media strategy involving a multi-channel approach is key market planning for success that will lead to boosting your marketing and sales funnels.


Rotam AgroSciences

Our carefully targeted programmatic digital ads helped to build brand awareness, educate target populations, and introduce the returning availability of a specific product with a powerful active ingredient using unique design and compelling content. The ads gained a higher-than-average click rate and led to an informative product landing page that propelled prospects through the marketing & sales funnel. 


Manage & Optimize the Ad Buying Process for Optimal Results

You know your products and services, and you need to get in front of the right audiences. We help you get there through selecting the ideal channels and platforms, creating content & design (as needed), and managing the end-to-end process to boost your prospect line.

Media Planning

  • Publication & Vendor Management
  • Market planning
  • Omni-Channel Media strategy
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Target audience strategy
  • Budget recommendations and management

Media Buying

  • Campaign setup
  • Campaign tracking & analytics
  • Ad media placement
  • Ad platform selection & DSP management
  • Ad optimization & updates