Product & Package Design

Attract the Right Attention with the Look and Feel of Your Product Packaging

We’ve all heard the phrase: “It’s what’s on the inside that matters!” But that's not true when it comes to product & package design. In fact, unboxing has become an artform. Customers are looking for an immersive journey from eye-catching branding and sleek packaging to distinct product.  
Whether you’re trying to garner attention from prospects, win over interest at a tradeshow, or wow your existing clients with thoughtful gifts, perfecting your packaging style is a key part of your branding strategy. 


MANRRS had a disjointed brand presence among their audiences and member chapters that needed a fresh, cohesive look and feel to effectively tell their story. The organization had established a solid brand foundation and presence, but as the organization grew, they knew the brand needed more depth and clarity. Our team strategically developed a refreshed approach so that the heartbeat of this nonprofit org could be adopted and utilized both internally by the MANRRS team, as well as across their chapters nationwide.


Design Custom Product Packaging for a Memorable Customer Experience

Beautiful, functional packaging can turn a useful product into an exceptional product simply by making the unboxing experience memorable. The look of the graphics, the feel of the paper, and the tone of the content all work together to evoke positive emotions about your product before it’s even been used. 
From the outer box to the product label, we’ll design packaging that makes a lasting impression on current and future customers.

Custom Packaging Services

  • Product packaging design
  • Product label design
  • Promotional design (tradeshows, promotion, events)
  • Print packaging collateral (inserts, cards, QR codes)
  • Client gifts
  • Package assembly

Tools & Implementation

  • Brand identity & messaging
  • Product design services
  • Graphic design
  • Content writing
  • Experiential marketing strategy
  • Traditional advertising