Social Media Advertising

Get Social to Gain Marketing Results

Social media advertising, or paid social, is a type of digital advertising that enables you to reach prospects on social platforms. As opposed to social media marketing, which uses organic social content to raise awareness and promote products & services, social advertising generates a paid campaign for a specific goal, like event registration or awareness about a new product. 
While you may think social advertising isn’t important in some B2B industries, every prospect wakes up a consumer – and we’re social humans in a media-drenched world! A strategic social campaign uses target audience research and data to select the ideal channels where your prospects spend time. 

YMCA of High Point

The Y needed to reengage the community after the global pandemic decreased its membership numbers by 50%. Memorable ad content caught the eyes of social media scrollers to discover “The Perfect Day to Join the Y,” with a unique and “TWO-riffic” offer that prospects couldn’t turn down. Paired with engaging email sequences, strategic location targeting, and ongoing analysis, the campaign was a win for the Y.


Supplement Your Organic Strategy with Targeted Paid Social

When you need to grow your digital presence and your social media marketing is stagnant, a paid social campaign can supplement your efforts with a targeted strategy to meet a specific goal within your marketing and sales efforts. 

Social Media Advertising Planning

  • Paid social media strategy
  • Goals & key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Target audience & persona research
  • Competitive research & analysis
  • Social advertising design & copywriting

Paid Social Campaigns

  • Video advertising (YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat)
  • Facebook and Instagram advertising
  • LinkedIn targeting & advertising
  • Social media advertising metrics & analytics
  • Campaign-specific landing page design & copy