Video Production

Encourage Social Sharing and Improve SEO with Video Marketing

Inundated with TikTok, Instagram reels, and Youtubers, everyone seems to be a videographer these days. But when it comes to promoting your brand effectively with video marketing, every detail matters.

You need a solid marketing strategy. The setting, lighting, talent, music, messaging, images, tone, cadence – every aspect of pre-production, filming, and editing plays a role in how your product or service will be received by your target audience. And if done well, ultimately, incorporating video will encourage sharing on social media, increase time visitors spend on your website, and even improve your SEO and domain authority. 


UNCG Bryan School

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro desired to educate target audiences on the key career benefits and flexibility of obtaining a Bryan School MBA at any career stage so that traditional and non-traditional students could take the next step. We created a visual storytelling experience highlighting a recent MBA graduate as a personalized statement to educate and inspire prospective MBA candidates to build traction for the upcoming enrollment period.


Create Prospect Buy-In with Video Marketing

Adding video to your overall marketing strategy is key to attracting leads to your brand, educating them about the solutions you offer, and inspiring them to engage with your product.  

Prospects want to see you and your products/services, meet your team, and hear from your current customers. From client testimonial videos to how-to demonstrations, these are the digital marketing assets that persuade prospects to buy into a brand before they’ve even tried your product! 

Video Production Process

  • Conduct target audience research & analysis
  • Determine distribution channels
  • Develop video messaging
  • Curate look, feel, and execution details
  • Edit, publish, and track engagement metrics


Types of Video Marketing

  • Video advertising (YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat)
  • Facebook and Instagram advertising
  • Company, brand, or product video
  • Customer testimonial video
  • Educational or how-to video