Corporate Supplier Diversity Database Elevates Events Through Digital Transformation


Develop a strategic plan to support the BWM Supplier Diversity XChange event through an updated website, digital business directory, and support for event activation.


Supplier Directory Views


Refreshed Website + Directory Boosts Engagement

The new website with advanced design and development now aligns with the brand and BMW XChange materials, while the corresponding Supplier Directory serves as a center point for all diverse exhibitors and Tier 1 Suppliers/Community Partners to drive collaboration. 



Of refreshed website within
6 months of launch



To new supplier directory of
Tier 1 and diverse businesses



The average amount of time per
page view of the updated website

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BMW Supplier Diversity is a division within BMW of North America that hosts one of the nation’s largest annual supplier diversity events, Supplier Diversity Xchange, to bring together BMW’s Tier 1 suppliers and diverse companies consisting of women-, minority-, and veteran-owned businesses, and they needed a digital transformation for the event.


The existing website did not convey the “why” or value behind the event. It was lacking visual appeal and did not align with the modern aesthetic of the high-attended event. Plus, the supplier directory was not user-friendly or mobile-responsive for event attendees.

The BMW Supplier Diversity team needed to drive digital engagement during the BMW XChange event, so they needed to ensure every digital asset could provide the best experience for all attendees, both Tier 1 presenters and Diverse Suppliers. 


The annual event brings out thousands of exhibitors and suppliers each year, so they knew as they continued to scale, they needed a refreshed website to elevate their brand and digital presence along with a directory that allowed Tier 1 suppliers and other diverse businesses and exhibitors to find each other to drive partnerships and community. They needed a strategy to improve digital engagement and drive event support through an updated website and digital supplier directory.

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Improved UX Drives Digital Operations

BMW Supplier Diversity Group partnered with Stratagon for a revamped website on the HubSpot CMS to improve its professional appearance and. align with the BMW brand. 

This also included a refreshed digital directory (to replace a previous clunky print version) for diverse businesses and Tier 1 Suppliers/Partners, featuring a filterable list using the HubSpot HubDB database on the backend. These initiatives established a digital foundation for the event and boosted supplier engagement.



Strategically draw in prospective students and their parents



Design and develop a new website for optimized user experience (UX)



Using HubSpot CMS and HubDB, construct the site and associated directory 



Publish XChange Website and Directory to drive digital event engagement

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