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Website Design and Integration

Culp Home Fashions (CHF) is a family owned and publicly traded B2B manufacturing company founded in 1972, and it is the largest producer of mattress fabrics in North America.

They are leaders and innovators in the bedding industry, both in design and technology. Their flagship facility is located near High Point, NC, the “furniture capital of the world,” and home of the biannual High Point Furniture Market, the largest home furnishings trade show, which draws over 2,000 exhibitors from around the world. CHF is truly in the thick of the industry's action.

They also manufacture worldwide through “mirrored manufacturing,” which are facilities that feature identical state-of-the-art capabilities across their four different plants, allowing customers to get what they need quickly across the world, yet all under one roof in each location. Their commitment to quality and innovation is at the forefront of their continued growth.

CHF fabric selection sketches-1

Culp Inc. exists in an industry that has historically focused on traditional marketing efforts to grow business primarily through trade shows. They had a functional yet outdated website and needed a strategic plan to integrate all the pieces of their marketing puzzle in order to stay relevant in today’s digital climate. Their website needed to effectively portray the unique and innovative manufacturing capabilities and products that they offer.

The previous website had many dynamic pages that created a clunky user flow. We needed to think outside the box to keep some functionality while minimizing confusion, keep users on pages, as well as increase usability in the navigational aspects of the site.

The goals were to position Culp Home Fashions as the premier player in their market with a custom site targeting personas to support their trends, technology and products.

Site Management Issues
Site Management Issues

Information was difficult to navigate by users, hard to manage and publish internally within its original hosting space, and it needed mobile optimization.

Outdated Creative + Content
Outdated Creative + Content

Creative assets and descriptive content were ineffective and did not reflect the quality and innovation of CHF.

Website Not Converting
Website Not Converting

Site needed an integrated strategy and optimized content with strategic forms in order to increase engagement and convert visitors.

An optimized website captures attention, reveals innovation, and highlights a company's story, products, and technology while working in conjunction with other marketing processes.



Our account team performed an in-depth discovery process with the client through reviewing trend analysis, stakeholder interviews, competitive research, and target audience consideration. They knew who their best customers were, but they didn’t have a clear picture of their personas’ needs and how to reach them effectively.

We recommended building the site via responsive platform through the HubSpot COS to optimize for mobile and SEO, improve navigation, and increase conversions of target personas. The shared goal was to create a digital footprint that would help connect with the direct customer base, as well as catalyze demand with the end consumer.

Therefore, we also developed a content strategy to utilize the inbound methodology through integrating pillar pages, topic clusters, and blog content to enhance the user experience, drive traffic, and increase targeted content.

Since CHF had little to no prior social presence, we deployed a social content strategy to drive site visitors and overall engagement.

Website Audit and Update
Website Audit and Update
Audited current assets and migrated to HubSpot, allowing for responsive platform, improved navigation, and mobile optimization.
Revamp Marketing Strategy
Revamp Marketing Strategy
New content strategy implemented a unified design along with topics and blogs for target personas to find and engage with the site.
Increase Engagement + Conversions
Increase Engagement + Conversions
Updated creative, content, and social media publications helped engage and convert site visitors to help the sales team become more effective.

Our team redesigned the website, developed within HubSpot to integrate with their current Salesforce instance, and implemented a new strategy for digital, content, creative, and social platforms to drive overall engagement. The marketing team has access to simple editing for content and imagery as well as drag-and-drop features, and easy-to use responsive framework for viewing on any device screen.

The updated website within the HubSpot CMS effectively tells the brand story through every detail. The updated home page creates a clear picture of the innovation that happens at Culp Home Fashions.

The approach is deep and modernistic, and the hero tells exactly who they are and what they do. The updated technology page delights the viewer through highly interactive and visual content that showcases the science behind the products. Each page is easy to navigate and allows visitors to click directly on fibers and finishes for readily available downloadable information.

Customers can find detailed information at their fingertips, and sales teams can utilize it as they interact with prospects. The project allowed CHF to increase their digital presence and develop consistent guidelines for targeting prospects and creating a brand story that carries through all campaigns and initiatives moving forward to create a seamless experience for customers.

Within just the first month from launch the updated site got close to 1k sessions, and each user was visiting close to three pages for almost two minutes each time, and within three months of launch, the organization experienced great gains in their digital metrics.

CHF page sketches-1
Increase in users and new users
Increase in sessions
Increase in sessions per user

Stratagon is always caring and there to help us, and you don’t find that with every agency.

We started noticing that the industry was moving forward and changing, and we saw a need to move with it. All of our strategy is going through Stratagon, and we felt the need to have them incorporated into all of our divisions. They have really helped establish us in the digital realm, and our organization is becoming more confident as we gain that presence. Now we can shout our accomplishments with Stratagon because it has been so successful for us. 


Hollie Fulton
Senior Marketing Executive Culp Home Fashions

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