Programmatic Ad Campaign Propels Leads Through the Marketing Funnel


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Increase brand awareness of a product line returning to market under a new name through programmatic ads targeted to Rotam’s key audiences


Direct Site Visits


Marketing Strategy to Solve Grower Problems

Growers were aware of nematode pests' negative impact on crop health, but unaware that a product with an improved formulation that could protect crops in advance of nematode infestation was returning to market.  

The programmatic ads we developed targeted fruit and vegetable growers with a dedicated amount of crop acres in high-impact regions. The inherent need for a solution was already present in the grower community, so the ads had an immediate effect, reminding growers that the Rotam product’s active ingredient protects plants from being silently killed underground before growers realize there’s a problem.


Constant click-rate

Higher than the .11% network average


Site Visits

Directly from the targeted ads for education + awareness


Targeted Segments

Educated across 3 states highly impacted by pests


Rotam is a world-class manufacturer in the crop protection market for insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides aimed to support growers in their need for innovative solutions on their farms. They leverage their global platform to deliver high-quality, grower-focused crop protection solutions.


Rotam needed to create awareness and educate growers about a product that had returned to the market with a powerful active ingredient.

Rotam’s latest insecticide contained an active ingredient that had been previously on the market, but had been discontinued for a time. Rotam sought to re-introduce their new product to a target audience of fruit and vegetable growers who knew the effectiveness of the active ingredient in stopping nematodes in the soil, but didn’t know that it was returning to market under a new name and from a new manufacturer.

We ran a series of programmatic digital ads to build this brand awareness, educate the target population, and introduce returning availability of specific products. The unique design of an onion wearing a helmet caught the attention of growers and distributors to understand the product's effectiveness in an entertaining way. 


Bring Awareness, See Results

The campaign strategy was two-fold. First, we identified with the growers, showing that Rotam recognized the nematode problem on overall crop health. Second, we highlighted how Rotam had invested in a solution by bringing a familiar active ingredient back to the market after a gap in availability in order to protect crops in advance from common pests. The programmatic ads led to a highly informative product landing page that sent prospects further through the sales funnel.



Gathered data to provide valuable information to growers



Crafted a creative ad concept that sparked product curiosity



Curated valuable rich content to educate and engage prospects



Incorporated strategic pieces to further the buyer's journey

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