Leveraging HubSpot CMS Enterprise Hub to Centrally Manage a Global Web Presence


Rotam Global Agrosciences


Manage global web content through the HubSpot CMS Enterprise Hub by developing multi-language, strategic websites


New Global Websites


A Single Platform for Streamlined Global Web Management

Because we trained local teams to manage lead capture, customer inquiries, and custom tech tools, they had the ability to launch marketing and sales initiatives effectively within their target markets. The Enterprise CMS environment allows for partitioning to avoid overlap of assets, so we created parent and child structures for users across regions with varying levels of visibility and access depending on user roles, while building in custom reports and guidelines to support growing teams and products.



Rolled out 36 websites across North and South America, Europe, and Asia



Launched multi-language functionality tailored to each country’s needs


Regional Sites

Centralized regional sites with hub pages linking to microsites in developing markets


Rotam Global AgroSciences (since acquired by Albaugh LLC) was a global company responsible for R&D, manufacturing, and sales of agricultural crop products. Their reach was broad, but they needed heightened awareness in each country they serviced, so with an upgraded HubSpot Enterprise CMS, we could launch, streamline, manage, and optimize their new multi-language websites in a central platform for future growth.


With a global presence in 25+ countries around the world, their single website created a disjointed, non-personalized web experience for customers.

In 2018, Rotam Global had a single website that was not optimized for mobile devices, did not account for language or dialects, and was not strategically designed for scale to address global growth in the product pipeline. It needed strategic marketing at its core: the site had no product pages, no lead capture opportunities, no local language functionality, and was not optimized for SEO.

It was centrally managed at the corporate level and would frequently become outdated or inaccurate, leaving gaps and inflexibility for boots-on-the-ground teams across the globe.

They realized a need to undertake what they knew would be a multi-year effort to develop, design, and launch websites in each of their ever-growing number of countries, along with the ability to offer native languages and modify content as needed by the marketing teams.


Conscientiously Develop for Long-Term Sustainability

The HubSpot CMS Enterprise platform allowed us to manage and develop custom templates to maintain a consistent look and feel across countries on single portal instance associated with the rotam.com domain. Our team standardized web development across all countries and regions by providing product sort features, standard templates for traditional markets, and professional plans for complex markets with deeper databases that could leverage landing pages and plan marketing campaigns.


Website Development

Developed and optimized websites on the HubSpot CMS Enterprise Hub


Template Standardization

Built custom templates with responsive flexibility and consistent UX and UI


HubSpot Team Training

Consulted product & marketing teams in each country on updates and maintenance


Leverage Platform Tools

Enabled lead capture, asset alignment, reporting, and hierarchy in regions/countries

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