Boosting Memberships with Targeted Advertising


Increase in-person membership enrollment in a single day & boost community engagement through a canned food drive 


New Members
Gained in One Day


Carefully Planned, Quickly Executed

The client needed strong results in a short time frame, so we made the most of the limited ad budget by pushing the campaign within two weeks of the big membership day and appealing to personal health and community needs.



Time given to execute social ad campaign


Ad Budget

Maximum ad spend allotted for membership campaign


New Members

Members gained in one day because of the campaign


The YMCA of Greater High Point is made up of 3 branch locations and provides a safe, structured environment for the whole family to pursue health, wellness, and fun. They’re committed to making an impact on individuals and local communities, so they needed a campaign to drive memberships while giving back to those in need – see the campaign's success here.


The YMCA of High Point needed a new campaign strategy and creative support to reengage the community after the global pandemic decreased their membership numbers by 50%.

With the effects of the pandemic lingering in the community, there was the added challenge of speaking to continued health and safety concerns in public spaces and aligning with the national YMCA brand.

The entire campaign centered around new membership enrollment on a single day with the caveat that all memberships must be completed in-person and the campaign ads would only run for 2 weeks. Creative needed to reach a wide, yet targeted group in a short amount of time and be enticing enough for our specific audience to show up at one of the 3 YMCA branch locations to donate canned food and join the Y.

ad mockup (1)

Targeted Tactics for the Greater Good

Memorable ad content caught the eyes of social media scrollers to discover “The Perfect Day to Join the Y,” with a unique and “TWO-riffic offer that prospects couldn’t turn down. To supplement the campaign, we scheduled email sequences to past members and reinvigorated current members to push community support and ongoing membership. Paired with strategic targeting and ongoing analysis, the campaign was a win for the Y. 


Implemented geotargeted social media ads on Facebook



Targeted High Point residents with new member promotion



Utilized fresh design assets and content over the 2-week period



Segmented ad audiences for more cost-effective ad spend

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