HubSpot Platform Optimizes the Customer Experience


Create robust platform integration for successful optimization, effective utilization, and useful marketing automation to serve target audiences with less effort


Implementation &
Marketing Automation


HubSpot Magic Brings Automation to Manual Processes

This project has increased the YMCA’s marketing efficiency and reach through an automated and integrated platform. All marketing efforts – social, email nurturing, landing pages, automation, and AI – are housed and conducted within a single tool that has led to synchronized campaigns for the YMCA of Greater Charlotte, driving registration and enhancing the customer experience.

Platform Optimization

Onboarding and implementation of HubSpot enabled us to integrate systems for organizational efficiency and success.

Landing Page Management

We designed and developed improved landing pages on the YMCA website for lead conversion and capturing information from site visitors.

Email Marketing Effectiveness

With HubSpot Marketing Hub and team training, the YMCA staff could evaluate and measure reach to target audiences, including 200k+ emails/week.


The YMCA of Charlotte needed an elevated integrated marketing experience utilizing workflows, templates, and other marketing touch points that could communicate with their member management database. To achieve this, they sought a strategic partnership to help with the architecture, implementation, design, and training. 


The YMCA needed to integrate their digital marketing efforts by harmonizing marketing tech systems & data to reach their wide customer base.

The mission was big: to completely overhaul their existing processes. We set out to implement, integrate, and optimize their workflows, create customization in email and landing page templates, and design architecture to connect customer data via custom APIs.  

In addition, they needed high-quality creative assets such as customized landing pages and email templates designed to meet specific corporate guidelines for various uses within their organization, as well as a way for their team to be able to navigate these changes.


Deliverables that Create Continuity

We developed a data strategy that would facilitate a successful integration to HubSpot using several of the HubSpot APIs. After that, we implemented deliverables such as email and landing page template designs, API configuration, and assisted in campaigns that saw 200k+ emails segmented for specific audiences go out per week.



Mapped out HubSpot needs and API system processes



Customized real-time dashboards to monitor marketing performance



Drafted branded landing pages and email templates for easy editability



Hosted HubSpot training sessions to set the YMCA team up for success

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