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Streamline Your Sales Processes,
Boost Team Efficiencies


If your processes aren’t digital and streamlined, your company is losing a lot of time – and revenue. Whether you’re considering a move from manual processes or an antiquated CRM system, it’s time for a platform that will grow with you: HubSpot Sales Hub.

HubSpot CRM has a simple user interface, it’s easy for teams to adapt, and it’s mobile friendly for salespeople on the go. It increases sales productivity due to its centralized data for marketing and sales activities so that your reps can see prospect activity all in one place under company and contact records. 

Sales Hub also provides transparency for management to have insight into all sales activities, and it allows for visibility into sales pipelines in order to forecast yearly, quarterly, or monthly revenue streams. 



The cost of entry for Sales Hub varies depending upon your needs, but it requires a specific configuration for your goals to operate effectively. That’s where we come in.  

Our team of experts begins with an in-depth needs analysis so that we build a system that is customizable and scalable. Basically, we will ask you a lot of questions and continue to get your input as we move through the stages of implementation and integration. We’ll ensure that HubSpot is configured for your unique business functions and optimized to boost efficiency for your teams. 

Once we launch your shiny new platform, we will conduct a training for your sales team to accelerate user adoption and enable them to put the tools to practice immediately. We’ll walk beside you throughout the process, and you’ll be able to move forward independently with your new system. We love collaboration, so you’ll also have the opportunity to partner with us on a regular basis as needs arise. 


Through a series of strategy sessions, our team will take a deep dive into understanding how your sales team operates and how to best implement a CRM that will meet their needs.

Whether you have 5 reps or 500, we need to understand where you are now and what your goals are in order to simplify your processes and enable your sales teams to flourish. We also want to ensure alignment with marketing activities. As we perform this needs analysis starting with the questions below, we will help you choose the ideal Sales Hub package and then implement and customize the CRM accordingly.

  • How many sales reps does your company have?

  • How long is a typical sales cycle?

  • What are your plans for growth?

  • How do you align sales and marketing practices?

  • What sales processes do you want to improve and/or automate?

  • Do you have more than one sales team?
  • Do you have custom APIs that we will need to integrate into your new CRM?


Whether you are migrating from an existing system or starting off completely new, we will import all of your data and map out all fields accordingly.

First, we will discover if your current lead and customer data is clean, whether there are duplicates that need to be merged, and any other foundational elements before we move forward. Your account team will develop a full migration plan, and once we have a full understanding of your sales processes we will:

  • Configure team structure & user roles
  • Set the properties that your team sees when creating new records
  • Set the default properties your team sees on your records
  • Import contacts, companies, and notes
  • Upload & organize sales document library
  • Import product catalog
  • Integrate APIs and install third-party applications


During this process, we will build a roadmap to accomplish your goals and ensure that you are getting the most out of your HubSpot subscription.

Sales Automation

Automating some administrative tasks can free up time for your sales team members. This gives them more time to do the things software can’t do, like building connections with clients and prospects.

Deal Stages & Pipelines

Track how deals are progressing, organize all sales activities in one place, and accelerate sales cycles to close more deals, faster. Track deals won, lost, and in progress, and see which reps are your best performers (and why).


Sequences allows you to tee up a series of personalized emails that get sent to your prospects over time. Queue up a sequence of personalized follow-up emails and reminders that get delivered automatically at the right time.

Email Templates

Email templates can significantly reduce the amount of time sales reps spend typing up common emails (i.e. prospecting emails, meeting setup emails, meeting follow up emails, etc).


With HubSpot's sales reporting, get full visibility into your sales process, so you can optimize your team's routine and create great experiences for your prospects. See insights on deal forecasts, sales performance, and productivity, or create custom reports for more detailed views.

Custom Properties

Make your CRM as unique as your company by creating custom properties that will become available on every contact record, company, or deal in your CRM. Create a dropdown or multiple checkboxes property to streamline MQLs or SQLs.


After your CRM has been fully customized, our experts will lead a two-hour training session with your team. This session will also be recorded for future use.

Typically, the biggest challenge after CRM implementation is user adoption and change management. Our interactive training empowers your teams to align organizational goals with their daily activities. Our hands-on approach with salespeople reveals how these user-friendly and mobile sales tools will increase their productivity and in turn help them boost their pipelines and close more deals.

Upon completion of implementation and training, our team will create reference documentation to help your team optimize HubSpot CRM use and easily onboard new users in the future.



Our Sales Hub implementation package starts at $6,500 and includes everything you need to take your sales team to the next level.