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Account-based marketing is one of the most effective ways to leverage the combined efforts of sales and marketing teams to win deals within target accounts. 

Explore below to dive into resources that are focused on helping you navigate the nuances of an account-centric strategy.


Strategy is at the core of successful marketing efforts that drive revenue. ABM is no stranger to strategy, as the level of coordination and multi-channel approach demand it. When considering an ABM strategy, keep the prospects' needs at the forefront of any decision and ensure that the main objective of adding value and solving the customers' problems remains a top priority for effective results.


Like any scalable marketing and sales effort, finding the optimal intersection of tools and processes will help drive ABM scale and adoptions.  The range of tools vary in function, sophistication, price and ROI. From Ad-Tech to Customer Databases (CRM), you will need to build out the ideal tech stack to meet your program needs, which often takes in-depth research or expert guidance.


There is no "I" in team, and experience has proven that the most successful ABM practitioners realize the highest ROI when sales and marketing teams are Transparent, put forth solid Effort, hold each other Accountable, and Measure their results. Whether it is a weekly stand up or monthly reporting, high-performing smarketing teams are great communicators and hold each other accountable to drive results.

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