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This resource is designed to give you a leg up on the competition for a start-to-finish guide to implementing sales and marketing together.

We'll start by looking at the business usage for your industry, what channels to use, and what to measure. Then we'll get into some ways to shift that focus to a multi-channel approach and implement integrated marketing. 

We're here to provide some practical tips on implementing everything to make your business run smoothly and connect your sales and marketing efforts to increase revenue. 

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The industry definition is broad, so it's important to define exactly who this resource will help the most. 

This guide is designed for those who work in the manufacturing of home goods, be that sofas, desks, cabinetry, woven and non-woven fabrics, soft goods, and anything else in between. You sell B2B, and you must position your product to meet the needs of the consumer.

We believe that executives in this industry have plenty of opportunities to make an impact on their target designers and buyers by providing impactful and beautiful content pieces that make a difference. With integrated processes, they can simplify the sales pipeline to reach ideal prospects.


We are located in the heart of High Point, North Carolina, which is the Furniture Capital of the World. Not only are you our neighbors, but we also have a passion for the industry that is in the very nature of who we are.

Furniture and textile manufacturing is also deeply rooted into the marketing work that we have done with several industry clients. We understand the subtle differences in this industry in a way that other outsiders may not. 

We also understand the unique nature and relationship of designers and retailers in these industries and how to best influence their purchasing decisions before, during and after industry events.


We are an integrated marketing agency who deeply cares about the technology along with the sales and marketing alignment that make your business operate efficiently.

We have helped furniture and textile clients with everything from paid advertising campaigns to back office software setup and integration so that your salespeople can spend more time on revenue-generating activities.  

We understand the complexities around your supply chain, product availability and customization, and how to manage specific needs. We take a hybrid approach of traditional and digital strategies to  make your marketing efforts thrive while streamlining sales processes.

Curious if digital marketing makes sense for the B2B furniture and textile industry? Here’s everything you need to know about how to make the digital marketing machine work for you. 

Don't even know how to start with implementing a digital marketing strategy? It doesn’t have to be intimidating. Here’s how to get started.

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Still stuck getting all of your leads from shows and events? Understandably it's hard to shift focuses from traditional to digital sales for the furniture industry, but here's how you can make the switch! 

This sounds great, but what tactics and promotional channels should we use? Here's a list and description of some of our favorites by promotional type.

Totally lost on how to implement integrated marketing practices into your efforts? There's a lot to consider and keep in mind! Here are our 5 steps for implementing integrated marketing for furniture and textiles

KPIs and goals are imperative to the success of your furniture and textile business. Learn how to improve your goal setting and what KPIs to track.

Influencer marketing may sound like it's only for B2C companies, but it makes a lot of sense thinking about the designer personas in the B2B space. Here's some ways to user influencer marketing in furniture and textiles

Do you work with any customers in Europe? Are you GDPR compliant? Here's a look at two furniture companies and their path to GDPR compliance 

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