A HubSpot Partner Agency's 6 Favorite Integrations for Project and Campaign Management

February 1, 2024
A HubSpot Partner Agency's 6 Favorite Integrations for Project and Campaign Management

Discover which project and campaign management tools can integrate with HubSpot to streamline your workflows, increase your productivity, and align your teams.

Propel Your Marketing Strategy through Available HubSpot Integrations

As a marketing team of one (or leading a small department), you know there are more resources available to you through HubSpot to help you do your job – and you're right!

HubSpot’s App Marketplace is filled with thousands of project and campaign management tools that will increase your efficiency and save you time. From sales, marketing, and finance tools to customer service and productivity apps, finding ways to leverage HubSpot’s powerful integration capabilities is key to simplifying your (and your team’s) workflows.

But with so many apps to choose from, how do you know which ones are right for your business?

As a platinum HubSpot agency, we’ve been diving deep into this robust software for years and testing many of these integrations ourselves. It’s not hard to choose our favorites. Below we break down why these 6 project and campaign management tools top of our list of preferred HubSpot integrations.


Why Should I Integrate My Project & Campaign Management Tools with HubSpot?

ou may be thinking, “Researching these tools and learning how to integrate them and then double-checking to make sure everything transferred correctly takes time – time I don’t have!”.

We hear you. And trust us, taking the time will be worth it.  When all your marketing tools work together in tandem rather than in a silo, it’s a game changer for both your strategy and your productivity.

Plus, project and campaign management integrations allow you to:

  • Streamline your workflows in a central space – no more bouncing from app to app!
  • Be transparent about who is accountable for each deliverable – eliminates confusion!
  • Set new employees up for success – hello, trackable onboarding process!
  • Increase your productivity – goodbye, manual entry into separate software systems

Our 3 Favorite Project Management Integrations

1. Teamwork

We’re kicking it off with the project management system we use here at Stratagon: Teamwork.

This project management software provides you with the necessary tools you need to schedule and track projects, including task management, file storage, time tracking, reporting, and more!

Teamwork is a two-way integration with HubSpot, which means it pulls data from Teamwork and vice versa.

Key Integration Features:

  • Aligns sales & marketing teams
  • Keeps inbound marketing & sales activities organized and on track by linking items in Teamwork projects to any item in HubSpot
  • Reduces manual workflows using the Teamwork Automation Engine to connect HubSpot deals to Teamwork projects

2. Asana

Asana is a customizable content management system that helps companies streamline projects and communication. What’s great about Asana is that it was built to integrate. It integrates not only with HubSpot, but with so many other platforms as well including Dropbox, Google Drive, Adobe Creative Cloud, Slack, Gmail, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and more!

Key Integration Features:

  • Automates Asana tasks with HubSpot workflows
  • Seamlessly hands-off work between teams

3. Slack

Slack, in its simplest form, is an instant messaging system. Its central function is to enhance communication in the workplace, but it has some neat integration capabilities with HubSpot.

Key Integration Features:

  • Turns Slack messages into a HubSpot task or ticket
  • Uses commands to search for or post info from HubSpot
  • Sends key HubSpot notifications directly in Slack
  • Sends Slack notifications through HubSpot workflows
  • Shares reports & dashboards


Our 3 Favorite Campaign Management Integrations

1. Seventh Sense

Email is one of the key components of most marketing campaigns. It’s a smart way to speak directly to your customers and segment the experience specifically for them. But what we often run into with email campaigns is low open rates. It can seem like no one reads emails anymore!

That’s where Seventh Sense comes in. They are continually improving their software to predict when each person in your CRM is most likely to engage with their inbox. When you integrate Seventh Sense with HubSpot, it will begin learning each of your contacts’ email engagement histories and patterns of response. This allows you to schedule your email sends at the right time for each recipient.

2. Databox

You’ve spent hours and hours strategizing and planning your next marketing campaign. But do you have a centralized location to see how well it’s performing over time?

That’s where Databox comes in. This integration with HubSpot helps you monitor and track your marketing campaign performance by consolidating all the data in one place.

Databox has hundreds of templates that you can easily use to see campaign data in HubSpot from social channels, ad platforms, email sends, website interactions, and more. Plus, you can create an even more tailored experience by creating custom metrics like landing page views by campaign, sessions via paid traffic, bounce rates on blog posts, and average time on page, just to name a few.

3. Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange allows you to dive deeper into your marketing campaigns by finding out how your target audience is interacting with your website and seeing what content they’re engaging with. With the Lucky Orange HubSpot integration, you can track and record every contact’s interaction on your site and automatically assign that data to the contact’s timeline in HubSpot so you have a record of their behavior.

You can get answers to questions like:

  • How many visits to your site did it take before your customers converted?
  • What did your customers do on your site?
  • Where did your customers click?
  • How long did they spend on a specific page?
  • Where were they in the sales funnel when they left?


Deciding Which HubSpot Integrations Are Right for Your Business

Not every HubSpot integration is right for you, your team, and your business. When deciding which software platforms will work best for you, be sure to consider each of the following: its ease of use, accessibility, flexibility, functionality, and customer support assistance.

Don’t be afraid to talk with others who have used these tools as well. As a platinum HubSpot agency, that’s what we’re here for – to help you take full advantage of this powerful software.

We covered project and campaign management tools in this blog, but would you like to dive into lead-generation tools that integrate with HubSpot? Let’s go!

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