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Influencer Marketing in the Furniture and Textile Industry


In the age of design bloggers, HGTV and weekend DIY decorators, influencer marketing is one of the most powerful tools in the furniture and textile industry.

Why Did Facebook Make the Algorithm Change to Decrease Organic Traffic?


There are way too many pages now creating way too much content for way too many people, and unfortunately, that means that there is a ton of competition and limited real estate for prime organic visibility.

SO you can’t fault Facebook for the fact that they are simply trying to make sure that interactions are meaningful and that users are only seeing the best, most relevant content catered to them. This makes the user experience unique, and honestly is the premise behind the methodology of inbound, an engaging digital content strategy.



Tech Talk: Facebook's Algorithm Changes


Have you noticed a decrease in organic traffic on Facebook since their drastic algorithm changes? As digital marketers, we've certainly noticed a difference. While we can't change the algorithm, we can stay proactive and adjust our social strategies accordingly. Account Manager Kassi Whitman shares her takeaways and tips on prioritizing content that will respond well to these recent changes in the video below.

How to Use Google+ for B2B


Google+ isn't simply Google's version of Facebook. It's a complicated program designed around data. This designation can serve B2B business owners well, because you can add your company's information onto your Google+ page and become a part of Google's vast database, which Google then makes available to consumers. Currently, only about 13% of small businesses use Google+, so now is a great opportunity to take advantage of creating a Google+ page for your business. By creating a page for your business, and keeping an active, detailed profile, your company can rank higher in Google Search results and provide key information such as hours, location, and services offered to potential customers.

Is Google+ Even Worth Your Time?


When Google rolled out invitations to Google+ in 2011, the launch was met with a mixture of excitement for the company to expand into social and speculation about how Google would draw millions of dedicated users away from Facebook and Twitter. Any initial thrill has now given way to the consensus that Google+ has not performed the way that Google intentioned. When I received my requested invite in early 2012, I cheerfully signed up, and then never posted a single thing. Turns out, most of Google+ users are just like me- dormant, husks or zombies compared to the human hive of activity that social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter retain.


Not Just for Recipes: Why Pinterest Works for B2B

 Whether you rely upon Pinterest for all of your brunch recipes, or thought that the name meant "pretending interest," the social media platform can be a powerful tool to market your business. 67% of users pinned on Pinterest from a business website, and your B2B business can use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website and gain insight into your markets.

How to Start Inbound Marketing for Non-Profits



At its core, inbound marketing is the concept of using materials to bring visitors into a website or other destination as opposed to using those materials to go out and get the attention of people who may have been otherwise unaware. Not only is inbound marketing making waves for businesses around the world in today's modern environment, but it's also seeing non-profit organizations of all types get an increase in traffic at the same time.According to a Hubspot report issued in 2014, for example, inbound marketing was responsible for generating almost twice as many leads for non-profit organizations as all other channels were combined. If you want to start using inbound marketing for the benefit of your non-profit, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

Instagram Update: Search and Explore


Today Instagram announced two very large updates. With over 70 million photos and videos posted a day with over 300 million users you will now be able to see what’s ‘going on’ all in one app.


Whether it’s the Firefly music festival, the Masters, or an event going on in your town, Instagram will be able to capture all of these moments. No matter how big or how small these moments are, they will now be a whole lot easier to find. 




What Facebook's Algorithm Change Means for Your Business


At first glance, social media platforms seem like one of the most organic ways to reach new potential customers and clients. After all, social media pages are free to set up and provide you with an outlet to billions of users across the globe. However, with recent changes to Facebook's news feed announced, there's no doubt that things are changing. Read on to explore a summary of Facebook's proposed changes, how they could affect your business, and what you can do to make the most of your social media marketing strategy.

Social Media Strategies – Snapchat is Short-Lived Marketing Brilliance

What is it?


It was created and produced on a very simple idea. Snapchat is basically a photosharing app where pictures vanish just a few seconds after you open them. In a time where people are obsessed (and rightly so) with how much they are being tracked online, and deeply concerned with the trail of content they are leaving out in the world forever, Snapchat seemed to hit on stroke of brilliance.

LinkedIn - An Inbound Marketing Strategy Secret


                 Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is geared directly towards professionals. There is no need to endure a multitude of spam and ads for games and quizzes. Signing up for LinkedIn is very easy, and it’s free. After you “sign up” you will create a professional profile. This includes a personal statement highlighting what you do, or any distinctions you may have. You may want to also share your previous employers, or any organizations you are a part of. Once your profile is tweaked, edited, and ready for viewing, you can then start to establish "connections."
A connection is an individual that you know or would like to know more about on LinkedIn. Principally, the idea is to create as many direct connections as you can by adding people within your own professional circle and branching out to include their connections. 

Muted But Not Booted - A Social Media Update for Twitter


For almost a week, I've been paranoid.  Not because I think people are following me or because I'm worried that I have spinach in my teeth...no, it's because I'm worried if I'm TWITTER-MUTED. 


On Monday, Twitter announced an awesome new feature where you can actually mute those annoying Tweeters on your feed.  You know the guy who constantly rails about the dangers of feeding lake fish your leftover KFC (wait...you're not following that guy?) or the woman who posts way too many pics of her dog dressed in Halloween outfits?  You can now silence them.  Not unfollow them.  Not get rid of them completely.  But you can ensure that they stay in the back corner of your Twitter closet like the sweater Aunt Marge knitted for you last Christmas.

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