Close Loop Marketing - New Lead Generation - Happy Customers

July 21, 2014
Close Loop Marketing - New Lead Generation - Happy Customers

Become a Better Marketer by Closing the Loop

Now you understand not only how closed-loop marketing works but also what tools you need to set up closed-loop marketing.   You can now focus on keeping what’s working and tossing aside those things that aren’t converting leads into customer. In the end, that’s what great marketing really is…showing people the terrific possibilities that await them and then wowing them so much that they become True Believers who buy your products and services and tell their friends all about them. 


You’re ready to do that, right?


In order to better understand customer behavior on your site, you need to be sure to fully utilize the reporting tools available within your marketing automation software.  Once you understand behaviors and patterns, you can compare how different channels work to acquire customers.   

For example, you may note that your blogging traffic is through the roof but customers are really making the conversion to buy after you’ve nurtured them for a while via email.  So, the quick and easy start to close that marketing loop is to engage your blog visitors with follow up emails that will show them how truly fabulous you are.  Note:  Remember to always focus on the customer by providing solutions to their problems in all stages of your nurturing process. It’s not about you

Reporting is a key component to drive your marketing strategy forward and to help ensure that you have key internal influencers behind your decisions.  It’s tough to argue with data.



You can comb through the behavior of your site visitors to better understand what they are looking for when they come to your site. For example, if you’re a dental practice marketer, you can see that 63% of your visitors click onto that fabulous dental marketing ebook about keeping kids cavity free.  Take a look at the forms they’ve filled out on your landing pages and figure out how long they stay on your site.  You may find that you need to build an entirely new target persona based on the information you glean from your site stats.


Reduce Costs

Now you’re effectively using all the tools at your disposal, understanding the behavior of your target personas and nurturing them along the way with information that they want to know. You now may be able to reduce the sales cycle and, potentially, reduce the overall cost of lead conversion.


So What?

In a nutshell, using closed-loop marketing tactics can help you attract, engage and delight your potential customers like never before.


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