Top Three Ways to Minimize Costs of Your Event Marketing

November 6, 2014
Top Three Ways to Minimize Costs of Your Event Marketing
 CutsCostsofEventsLightbulbMarketing costs can always be reduced and various solutions exist for event marketers intending to trim some fat from campaigns. While balancing marketing analytics, industry leaders can effectively maintain flow while reducing inbound expenses and streamlining outbound results. If you’re seeking a reprieve within the event-marketing world, check out these top three neat money-saving tips:


1. A Shift to Intellectual Resources


Crafting displays, winning business and utilizing physical items for marketing effectiveness is important—but modern technologies have granted individuals astounding capabilities. Consider this: Information is a non-scarce resource. Wouldn’t such a resource, when capitalized, reduce marketing expenses?


When hitting the trade show, substitute large displays with deeper displays. Focusing upon information-relaying digital displays, handouts and ease-of-readability information gatherings relays information while reducing expenses. It’s incredibly feasible, and it can reduce incremental expenses to an absolute zero.


2. Engage Live Marketing


Live marketing is a trade show’s younger cousin. Live marketing has utilized trade show statistics for years, engaging top sources to deliver important information. Live marketing has wheedled its way into event marketing recently, and there’s a reason why: It’s easy on the eyes, and it’s easy on the pocketbook.


According to the Center for Exhibition Industry of Research, approximately 59 percent of event attendees prefer product demonstrations. Additionally 58 percent prefer hands-on product features and interactions.


Consumers are attracted to benefits, not features. Live marketing displays play upon the visitor’s natural tendencies to accommodate for human action, emotion and intervention. Placing higher focus upon such tactics ensures fewer costs, and it promotes synergy between business and consumer.


3. Utilize Event Show Models


No, tradeshow models aren’t sexualized individuals cleaning sports cars. Essentially, they’re stand-ins for industry professionals, and they save incredible amounts when travel fees and lost ventures are considered.


Events show models maximize energy, timing and action. Where effectively implemented, they deliver talent through the proxy of individualized, event-procuring people capable of relaying a brand image. Often, these event models are well informed of a company’s image and goals, granting them the ability to focus upon models, product benefits and more.


So What?


Event marketing contains many brackets for cost-cutting intervention, and the future has empowered many solutions guaranteed to boost company productivity while implementing powerful marketing solutions. If you’re looking to cut costs, empower consumers and experience growth, consider the current environment, and take advantage of the benefits even marketing offers.


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