What is experiential marketing? - 4 Things Before Hitting the Road

June 20, 2014
What is experiential marketing? - 4 Things Before Hitting the Road


An experiential marketing or mobile marketing tour is an excellent addition to an organization’s marketing plans. Those firms that are interested in maximizing their voice across multiple channels, acquiring new customers and growing with existing ones in a fun, dynamic way will get the most benefit from these tours. However, a successful mobile tour requires much planning. If you’re thinking of hosting one, then learning which details matter most is important so you can get as much out of your tour as possible.

The Vehicle

For many mobile tours, your vehicle is the single most important asset that contributes to your success. First, you must identify the right size vehicle. Do you just need a car to get from here to there or do you require something with storage or even living quarters? Choosing whether to lease or purchase is another big decision. Purchasing may cost more up front, but the savings could be considerable over time. Finally, think about branding your vehicle. Afterall it is "mobile" marketing and you can be promoting your brand 24/7 while you are on the go!



Until you start planning, you may not realize how much goes into planning for a tour in terms of logistics. What route will you take? How much rest will you or your staff require? Are there any DOT or labor regulations you must meet? Scheduling enough stops to put your brand in front of new customers is important, but if you schedule too many you can wind up letting organizations down by straying from your original schedule. Additionally, planning for fuel stops and estimated fuel costs can save you money, time and unattended consequneces.  


The Brand

Finding a good brand ambassador is important. You want someone to tour with you that will get people excited about your brand! This may be you, or it could be someone you hire just for the tour. Additionally, it is important that your ambassador has access to the supplies and branded material necessary to share the message with those who stop by the truck.


Measuring Success

To determine if your mobile tour is effective, you must have a way to measure success. Will you be collecting email addresses and follow up that way, or will you measure your success by the number of leads you nurture on site? Success is different for every firm, so make certain you are measuring success the right way for your business. This is something you are going to want to map out when setting your goals.


So What?

Hosting a mobile tour is a beneficial part of the marketing process for many firms, but will drive traffic to your business when it is the tour is well planned and executed. While the details above need consistent attention, there are likely to be other details unique to your tour and situation. The most important thing to do is to constantly monitor your prgress, align it with your goals, and make adjustments on the fly. When you are able to do this, you’ll get as much as you possibly can from your tour—now and in the future.


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