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August 15, 2019

Panel Session at INBOUND19: A Multi-Channel Approach to Non-Profit and Higher Ed Marketing Success

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Join us for “A Multi-Channel Approach to Non-Profit and Higher Ed Marketing Success”!

We are hosting an interactive panel discussion at the INBOUND ‘19 HubSpot Village — AND breakfast will be served! You’ll have access to subject matter experts on how to effectively engage your primary and secondary audiences within the non-profit and higher education sectors. Hear from marketing specialists on how to incorporate effective strategy, automation, copywriting, video, and martech to execute an effective campaign through an interdisciplinary approach.


Using the flywheel as an effective business model, you’ll learn how to reach people at every touchpoint to delight them through collaboration and integration. Essentially, we will attack the question: “How do you do you do things differently in the non-profit and higher education space, and what are the keys you need to engage your target personas through a multi-channel approach?”

We will cover everything from challenges to future trends within non-profit and higher education and how to implement effective campaigns for your organization.

The session will be moderated by Ryan Burkett, and the panel speakers will include:

· Alex Moore, Senior Partner, Marketing and Technology (Martech)

· Kassi Whitman, Account Manager

· Kelly Buck, Digital Specialist

· Abigail Lind, Content Specialist

· Brandon Weiner, Hybrid Content Specialist (Video)

Want the Details?

WHAT: A Multi-Channel Approach to Non-Profit and Higher Ed Marketing Success

WHERE: INBOUND HubSpot Village in the Westin Boston Waterfront

WHEN: September 5, 2019 at 8:30-9:15am

WHY: Start your day with breakfast and insight from subject matter experts!

HOW: Come to INBOUND19 and register today!

Details and Registration: Save Your Seat



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Abigail Lind
Abigail Lind

Abigail's dual role at Stratagon as Content Specialist and Business Development Associate stems from her love of crafting beautiful descriptions and helping others. As a coach, traveler, and lifelong adventurer, she approaches every day with curiosity and gutsiness. Her expertise in developing insightful ideas for clients to capture new audiences helps businesses grow and excel. Connect with her on LinkedIn!

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