July 11, 2018

The secret sauce for marketing is centered around marketing automation. In this video, Digital Marketing Specialist Kelly Buck lays out four tips for maximizing your marketing automation tactics!



Video Transcript:


So you've decided you need marketing automation, great! Marketing automation ensures the correct content is sent to the correct person at the correct time in order to delight your customers.

Hello, I'm Kelly Buck inbound marketing specialist here at Stratagon and today I'm talking about marketing automation. According to a report from 2015, businesses that used automation effectively increased their revenue by an average of 34%. Marketing automation is so much more than software that sends emails after certain events or times. Here are a few tips to optimize your automation practices.


Tip Number 1:  Make sure you have a rock-solid strategy.

You need a firm understanding of where your prospects are in their buying journeys so that your content is relevant for them. Do not automate current processes without revising your goals. Also, make sure you are aligned with proven inbound and account-based marketing tactics.


Tip Number 2: Start somewhere simple.

Most marketers want to create incredibly complex automation at first. Start with one or two steps to keep feeling human. Create nurturing programs around a specific topic or a piece of content to give your customers something that is worth their time to download. Have the system automatically follow up with them a few days later by offering a different piece of content related to the original topic. When someone downloads the second piece, notify your sales team to follow up, because that person is interested!


Tip Number 3: Make sure you are not broadcasting general messaging without specific action items.

If the content is not relevant to the entire contact list, the email will get deleted or worse, marked as spam. Targeting your emails to a narrow audience will make sure that you are sending relevant material to the appropriate individuals. Stage-based or funnel-based delivery is proven to be 40 times more likely to produce a sale because it is in line with the expectations of the modern B2B buyer. When designing your automation, First determine what a specific piece of content means for your targeted persona.


Tip number 4: Do not forget about your current customers!

Marketing automation is perfect for re-engaging the people who already know you. Send "stay-in-touch" emails, new blog posts,  product updates or other pieces of content related to their previous purchases or interests. Engaging existing contacts can help turn those individuals into brand ambassadors!


Marketing automation can be tricky, but with the right help and focus, you can make it succeed for your organization. You can learn more about marketing automation, branding, technology, and strategy on our Facebook page!


Author Bio

Kelly's passion for marketing shows in everything he does professionally and personally. His passion for creating beautiful and creative marketing extends beyond Stratagon with his personal musical work as a drummer all over the triad.