5 Greatest Attributes of a Mobile Tour Brand Ambassador

February 6, 2015
5 Greatest Attributes of a Mobile Tour Brand Ambassador

Brand ambassadors help put the "experience" in experiential marketing.  Choosing a rock star brand ambassador is one of the most important, if not THE most important, roles to position your company for a successful mobile tour or brand experiential program. The brand ambassador is the glue that keeps the on-the-ground team together. If you want to read more about what a brand ambassador is, check out this blog. Here is a quick list of 5 attributes that are necessary to find your Rock Star Brand Ambassador:

  1. Solutionist – its not a matter of if unexpected things will happen… it’s just a matter of when they will happen. The brand ambassador must be able to see through the chaos, formulate a quick plan, and communicate the solution to the team. The team and client will be confident knowing that brand ambassador will “make it happen" and have access to supporting team within the back office of the marketing agency.

  2. Flexible - Things that were originally planned or expected will change. The brand ambassador needs to be flexible to adjust to the situation accordingly. The brand ambassador needs to be comfortable with change and the fact that the exact plan may change.

  3. Strong Communication Skills – Experiential marketing tours are all about communication.  Since the brand ambassador is the face of the brand, managing the relationships on the ground, and coordinating with the remote support team, it’s imperative that the brand ambassador can articulate verbally and written what they need. As well, they should be attuned to what communication patterns are most effective in getting feedback from the various stakeholders involved.Business_Communication_
  4. Hard Worker – Not your typical desk job from 8am-5pm. Preparation, coordination and execution of mobile tours is extremely hard work. There are long hours of coordination, set up, customer engagements and tear down… Not to mention the hours on the road transporting to each location, checking in to new hotels, etc. It’s important that the brand ambassador is aware of this expectation from the onset and is ready for the adventurous hard work of a lifetime.

  5. Friendly/ Relatable – The brand ambassador is the first face that most customers will see. By being friendly and finding common ground, they will create a comfort and trust with the customers. A friendly smile and light conversation will help create and maintain positive relationships that will transcend the mobile tour.

So what?

Sure, you can put deliver an experiential program without engaging a brand ambassador.  The question is this:  why would you want to? Hiring a Rock Star Brand Ambassador not only means that you can sleep better at night knowing the details are in the hands of a capable, confident professional but also that you will have a birds' eye view of the entire experience.  You will be able to manage the experience, determine your ROI and collect kudos from your colleagues even better without dealing firsthand with the inevitable roadblocks that accompany these kinds of campaigns.


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