4 Tips to Help Your B2B Website Stay Relevant with Inbound Marketing

April 29, 2014
4 Tips to Help Your B2B Website Stay Relevant with Inbound Marketing

Website design and content creation are always changing. Current B2B inbound marketing practices include a strong, evolving web presence. In order to stay on top of the market, your company's web presence must change continually in response to the newest trends in website development and to perform better in search engine results. Below are some tips for keeping your website relevant and up-to-date at all times.

1. Update all content regularly.

Regular updates to your website's content will ensure that it all of the content it contains is both fresh and accurate. Be sure to update your website's basic content, such as product descriptions and prices, as well as inbound marketing content, such as blogs. Updating your site not only holds interest, but it also shows them that your company is vibrant and thriving.  Remember, though, to create content that is relevant to your target audience.  The content shouldn't be about how amazing your company is (even though, honestly, it IS) but it should be about addressing the pain points and finding solutions for your amazing customers.

2. Read about best practices and trends in web development.

To stay in-the-know, spend some time reading about the web design practices that are currently trending, as well as those that are most effective in your industry. You can find this information easily by simply searching for articles or consulting with a marketing professional.

3.  Incorporate what you've read.

It's not always enough to know about what's going on.  You need to incorporate the best of the best practices that make sense for your company.  Don't be afraid to try something new or take a risk...after all, part of being a successful business owner or marketing manager is taking calculated risks aimed at propelling your business to the next level.

4. Monitor your results.

Monitoring your website's performance is one of the best ways to evaluate whether it is maintaining its relevance. For example, if your monthly visits are falling, it may be time investigate your traffic patterns and renovate the site's design to meet the needs of your users. Likewise, if your website isn't showing up as high as you'd like in search results, it may need some sprucing up. You can also use performance information to determine which of your site's pages are most popular and what type of content resonates best with customers.

So what? Your website is a vital component of your B2B inbound marketing campaign.  Ensure that it sparkles as much as your business does.

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