CMS for Beginners

April 7, 2014
CMS for Beginners


In the past, anyone who wanted to make a website had to use complex codes to create every image or block of text. Today, however, a content management system or CMS allows you to develop your company's website with ease. If you are new to CMS utilization, review the basic information below to get started on the right foot.


What is a CMS?


A CMS, or content management system, is a tool that automates the majority of web design tasks so that a complete website can be developed and launched with little or no professional assistance. Many content management systems exist, but reports that the most popular CMS providers are Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla.

How do I get Started?


Choose a provider

The first step in using a basic CMS is to choose your provider. To select the right provider, compare the various features each provider offers and read reviews from previous customers. If you still aren't sure which provider is right for your site, consider consulting with a digital marketing professional.


Download the Software

After you have chosen the provider, you must download the CMS software before you can get started on the site. Some providers may offer more than one version of their software for download, so make sure the version you choose is capable of accomplishing your web design goals.


Install Software

Each CMS has its own set of requirements and installation procedures. Make sure that your server meets the needs of the software and follow all steps delivered by the provider.


Work on the Site

Much of the work you will do with CMS is simple and easy to understand. However, today's advanced CMS software also offers sophisticated design options. If you will be creating a basic site, or if you have time to invest in learning how to use some of your software's more complex features, you can complete your site on your own. However, if your site's design is complicated, or if you don't have the time to work on it yourself, consider hiring a professional to help you complete the project.


So What? 

Virtually every major business with a strong web presence utilizes a CMS, from Apple to The Wallstreet Journal. It reduces the majority of the labor in maintaining a dynamic site populated on a routine basis, and better enables you to provide a more engaging user experience.

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