Think like a Customer-Why all Content Doesn't Matter

November 29, 2023
Think like a Customer-Why all Content Doesn't Matter


There are several ways that Inbound marketing can be superior to traditional stand-alone outbound strategies. These include its lower cost, analytic insights, and the ability to deliver highly targeted messages. However, none of that matters if your consumers don't respond to it. Unlike older marketing strategies, inbound marketing relies on high-quality content. To achieve success, this content must provide enough value to hold consumers' attention.

Understanding Valuable Content

When thinking about what makes content valuable, you must define value from the customer's perspective. Content that you consider valuable may not appeal to your consumer base in the way that it must to generate leads.

For example, while you may be tempted to focus your marketing content directly on the features and benefits of your products, this information is not of immediate value to the consumer. Before you can sell the consumer on the merits of your products, you must convince him or her of the need for your products in the first place. After this need is established, information about your products becomes valuable to the customer and can be effectively introduced.

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The Bottom Line

When developing any type of content for your website or content marketing campaign, resist the urge to go straight for the sale. First, make your products relevant by presenting content that offers valuable information about a need or desire your customers may have. Finally, use this connection to introduce your products or services as the solution.

So what?

With access to tons of information with the click of our mouse and the tap of a keyboard, it has become harder and harder to distinguish between quality content and a piece that just wastes time. This is a concern for consumers and customers alike. As content marketers, we need to make our products relevant by presenting quality content that offers 'worthwhile' information about something relevant to our prospects or customers.


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