Everybody Is Doing It—Creating Great Blog Content In 7 Easy Steps

June 16, 2014
Everybody Is Doing It—Creating Great Blog Content In 7 Easy Steps
So we have all been there—you did something naughty when you were little and your only excuse was, “Well everybody was doing it!” Whoever the authority figure that was lucky enough to deal with you would say, “Well, if everybody was jumping off a cliff, would you?” If you were a sarcastic little rascal like me your answer would have been, “Well how high is the cliff?”  
Be the sarcastic child. You won't even have to go to time-out. Actually, you will be rewarded exponentially for your jump off the proverbial cliff and launched into vertically integrated, blog publishing stardom. Because guess what? Blogging is not as scary as jumping off a cliff. 
It’s as easy as following these simple steps: 

1. Choose Your topic

Make sure to spend the time thinking about and outlining your topic of interest. An important part of this is also knowing what persona you want to target your blog to, but also making sure your company stays true to their persona.

2. Craft Your Title

This is huge. Choosing the perfect title gets your blog noticed and catches the eye of the potential reader. You want your title to stand out in the RSS reader and on the search engine results page.

3. Draw In Your Reader

Have a pithy first line to draw your reader in. It also works to ask a question or give a bold statement. Remember that you do not want to patronize your reader, but don’t always assume they are experts on your industry.

4. Be Clear & Concise

There is no magic number of words that a blog has to be, as long as the topic is clear and the message is enjoyable to the reader. Sometimes a short, glib sentence is all that is needed to entice the reader.

5. Time your Post

You wouldn’t post about how to save money on your air conditioning bill when its -2 degrees outside, so make sure your timing is on point! This will warrant the right people seeing your blog at the right time.

6. Promote Promote Promote

Besides including catchy titles and attention grabbing pictures, you need to make your blog easy for people to share them across their networks so you can leverage their existing connections to develop new relationships. Also you want to think about finding bloggers, including it in website banners, including in email signatures, running a contest, having a blog directory, and creating a video.

7. Interaction and Conversation

People love to include their opinions, so make sure to get your readers involved. The more that readers feel like they are a part of your blog the more likely it will be that they will read your blog again. It is important to create dialogue with your users in order to continue to foster great conversation, or answer any additional questions. So, make sure to add a comments section below your blog post! 


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