B2C Content Marketing: How to Hire Someone to Create Content for You

December 1, 2015
B2C Content Marketing: How to Hire Someone to Create Content for You


When it comes to content creation, B2C marketers usually fall into one of two categories.

1. Do-It-Yourself Don


2. Resources Reece

DIY Don is operating on a shoestring budget, and hiring outside help for content creation is probably not an option. It’s all up to you, Don. Don’t worry—with a lot of planning and careful allocation of time, you can still feed the content monster, even with no budget and no extra bodies to do the work.

Now what about Resources Reece? She has a reasonable budget allocated for content development, but what should she do with it? Reece can use her resources to hire an in-house writer (part-time or full-time depending on need and budget) or hire a contract writer. If you know where to look and what to ask for, it’s not too difficult to find talented content writers. Basically there are three approaches Reece can take:


  1. Hire an agency. If Reece has a decent size budget to spend, then agencies are a fabulous resource. She’ll get the benefit of the agency’s writers, and, depending on the service level selected, they will probably give her some strategic direction as well. Remember those content development steps? Well, an agency can help Reece flesh out the customer persona, build content calendars, and create lead nurturing campaigns that move prospects toward that ultimate goal of the sale.


  1. Use content writing services. These services, such as WriterAccess, can connect Reece with a large pool of fee-based content writers. The writers are already screened, and she can select the one(s) she needs based on industry expertise and writing experience. Clients can browse writing samples and get a feel for the writer’s style as well. Content is usually priced by the word, and the company often can help clients find the best match for their needs.


  1. Use networks and targeted ads to find a contract writer. You would be surprised how many talented writers are around you. First, Reece should develop a targeted description of what she is seeking in a writer. Does she need specific industry expertise? Is the work seasonal? What types of content will be written? Are in-person meetings necessary or can all the work take place remotely? After Reece has the specific requirements nailed down, then she should start talking to friends and colleagues. Post the ad on LinkedIn or other professional networks, review candidates, and make an offer.


No matter which approach Reece takes, I’m confident she will find a great talent pool from which to hire. Also, remember that dynamic content depends not just on writing, but it must also be visually engaging. Reece will need someone with graphic design skills and possibly a videographer if she plans to create video content that looks professional and grabs the attention of customers. While a writer is the first priority, contracting for these services are usually necessary also, unless of course you hit the jackpot and find a talented individual who can do it all.


But after she finds the right talent, there’s still more work to do. A new writer needs training and guidance on customer personas, writing tone, industry background, content calendar, and customer pain points. Be sure to offer specific feedback often and be accommodating of questions, especially in the beginning.


So what?

Hiring and training talented individuals to develop content for B2C marketing requires some work, but is no insurmountable task. It will take a few weeks or even months to get a new writer or agency up to speed, but think of it as an investment. Patiently invest the time and watch the returns grow!

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