How to Use Google+ for B2B

October 27, 2015
How to Use Google+ for B2B


Google+ isn't simply Google's version of Facebook. It's a complicated program designed around data. This designation can serve B2B business owners well, because you can add your company's information onto your Google+ page and become a part of Google's vast database, which Google then makes available to consumers. Currently, only about 13% of small businesses use Google+, so now is a great opportunity to take advantage of creating a Google+ page for your business. By creating a page for your business, and keeping an active, detailed profile, your company can rank higher in Google Search results and provide key information such as hours, location, and services offered to potential customers.

Despite rumors about the service's lifespan and concerns with how engaged Google+ users actually are, the platform is a vital tool for those who want to effectively market their business. Google+ allows users to create their own "page," and to integrate with Google Maps, YouTube, and Google+ Local, the reviews and recommendations section of the platform. So why invest your time with Google apps and platforms? Simply put, Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


The community aspect of Google+ also allows you to provide visual, interactive content with your audience and link to your business's website and other social media accounts. The platform provides users with a one-stop location for businesses to post their hours, pictures, and videos that are automatically uploaded to YouTube as well as Google+.


How to use Google+ in four steps:

1) Create a profile – you must have a Gmail account to do so. Be sure to choose "local business" if you are based in a specific place so you will show up on Google local searches.


2) Click "pages" or go to this link to categorize and create your page. Be sure to categorize your business as "local" to rank higher for Google searches in your area.


3) Add your company's information, such as location, phone number, website URL, and your hours of operation.


4) Customize your profile by adding visual content such as pictures, videos, and graphics. Remember that videos you post to Google+ automatically also post to YouTube! This can be managed within Google+ settings.


Things to avoid:

1) Posting content that is out of conversation with your audience. Always try to think about whom you're trying to target and what they're interested in. Post and share valuable, visual, and engaging content that your market will enjoy.


2) Failing to utilize keywords and external links. Make sure to use keywords in your business description and in all of your posts! Additionally, link to all of your other social media accounts, blog posts, and company website.


3) Spending too much time on Google+. Since users spend an average of just seven minutes on Google+ per month, compared to over eight hours Facebook and over four hours on Instagram, your Google+ page should be a complement to your other social media pages, and a smaller component of your overall strategy. However, the platform is still very important for SEO purposes and for providing information about your business to your customers.

4) Forgetting your Google+ page. Though you don't need to spend hours improving your page each week, make sure that you share all of your content on your page and consistently update your information. Remember that Google+ allows users to comment and review, so if your page is incorrect or boring, they may comment their concerns or, worse, fail to notice your presence at all.


So What?

Though Google+ users spend far less time on the network than on other social media giants such as Facebook, the platform offers B2B businesses SEO benefits and integration with Google Search, Maps, and Google+ Local that no other social media network can provide. Don't miss out on this opportunity for your small business to strengthen online presence, and possibly rank higher in Google Searches.



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